$99 Move In Special Near Me

Are you looking for a $99 move in special near me? If so, then you have visited the right site to find one. Here in this post, we will tell you about some of the best places near you that offer a $99 move-in special so that you can move into your new place quickly.

We will also show you some of the amenities and features that these apartments provide so you can decide which one to choose. So read on to learn more about the best $99 move in specials near me to help you find the perfect home.

What Is the $99 Move In Special?

A $99 move in special is a promotion that some apartment complexes or other rental housing offer to attract new tenants. These promotions typically waive the security deposit and offer other incentives, such as free rent for the first month.

The $99 move in special is a great way to save money when you’re looking for a place to live. People who are relocating for work or school, or just starting out on their own, can take advantage of these offers to save money and make the move stress-free.

$99 Move In Special Near Me
$99 Move In Special Near Me

Where to Find a $99 Move In Special Near Me?

There are a few pathways to find a $99 move in special near me in your area, and some of them are:

  • Check online: Many apartment complexes and rental properties advertise their promotions and specials on their websites. You can search for “apartments near me” or “rental properties near me” and filter your search by promotions or specials.
  • Use rental search engines: Websites like Zillow, ApartmentGuide, and Rent.com allow you to search for rental properties by location and filter your search by move-in specials and other amenities.
  • Contact a local real estate agent: A real estate agent can help you find rental properties currently offering move-in specials and provide you with additional information about the property and the surrounding area.
  • Check our map: If you cannot find a $99 move-in special near you on your own, then you can also check our map to locate properties offering this promotion.

No matter which alternative you choose, read the agreement’s fine print and ask questions about any additional fees or restrictions associated with the move-in special.

What Amenities and Features Do $99 Move In Special Provide:

A $99 move in special can provide a variety of amenities and features such as waived security deposit, free rent for the first month, upgraded or renovated units, on-site amenities (gym, pool, community room), pet-friendly options, access to public transportation and additional discounts on parking or storage.

However, the availability of these amenities may vary depending on the location, timing, and property management company. So be sure to check with the property management company before signing a lease to see if any of these features are included in their $99 move-in special.


Finding a $99 move in special near me is possible when you know where to look. You can search online, use rental search engines, contact a local real estate agent, or use our map to find apartments and rental properties offering this promotion.

In this post, we showed you what a $99 move-in special is and have highlighted some of the amenities & features that a $99 move-in special provides. Hope you have found this article about the $99 move in special near me helpful and if you have any queries, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


What exactly is a $99 move in special?

The $99 move-in special is an amazing deal that many apartments and rental homes offer to attract new renters. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling on your move without breaking the bank.

Do all $99 move-in specials offer the same amenities?

No, not all $99 move-in specials are the same. Depending on where you’re looking to move and what amenities your rental home or apartment provides, the $99 move-in special could be an unbelievable deal.

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