Bars With Pool Tables Near Me

If you’re looking for Bars with Pool Tables near Me, you’ve come to the right place. Just observe the guidelines on the map beneath to get started. The map below would show you where you would locate bars in your area that have pool tables.

We like friendly rivalry on evenings out, whether it’s beer pong or darts, but one of the popular pastimes to unwind with colleagues is to play some good pool.

While there are several LCSD facilities with pool tables, a game of pool is sometimes best enjoyed with a refreshing drink in a more relaxed setting. Continue reading to find out more about pool tables in bars and where to locate bars with pool tables near me.

Best Bars with Pool Tables near Me in US:

Here are various clubs and restaurants in Hong Kong offering pool tables, ranging from opulent steakhouses to classic English pubs and American sports bars. If you’re seeking the finest bars with pool tables near me, use the map given on this page to find the ideal one.

Bars with Pool Tables near Me
Bars with Pool Tables near Me


On a busy night, trying to get a pool table can be a fool’s errand. Because many bars only have only one table, you’ll have to either wait, play with people who take this too seriously, or risk getting bumped by revelers as they line up for a shot.

Avoid all of that at Scratch, a Wan Chai institution with five nine-foot-long Brunswick pool tables accessible by the hour in its L-shaped area. If you grow weary of the pool, request a game of drinking games or stack cup from the welcoming staff. To get started, all you’ll need is some silver tarpaulin and a jug of beer.

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Rack is a laid-back hangout that is usually described as a college bar because of its inviting environment, hip-hop & rap music, extensive game diversity, in contrast to the sophisticated clubs and cocktails below it in Lan Kwai Fong.

Apart from the modest beer pong equipment, there are four pool tables accessible by the hour, two of whom are near the floor-to-ceiling windows facing Wyndham Street. The tables are smaller than standard nine-footers and have a very smooth baize surface, making them ideal for beginners.

Despite the fact that they are adequately spaced, Racks’ reputation as an after-hours hangout makes it a little more difficult to get a game started on busy evenings, so keep that in mind.

Billidart Restaurant & Bars with Pool Tables near Me:

This two-story business, around the curve from the famous Lockhart Road strip, offers billiards & darts. The bottom level has a street art atmosphere with murals and industrial fixtures, while the upper level features a more typical sports bar.

Billidart is a favorite after-work hangout for neighborhood office employees since it has a full-service restaurant and bar.

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Tazmania Ballroom:

While most pool halls fall into one of three categories: sports bars, dive bars, or specialty pool halls, Tazmania Ballroom defies the pattern by being a glitzy Lan Kwai Fong club.

This enormous two-story location in LKF Tower, a sister bar to Dragon-i and Cassio, was celebrity designer Tom Dixon’s debut project in Asia and has shiny gold fittings, street art-style paintings, and a sleek outdoor terrace.

Taz boasts three pool tables & three ping pong tables; however, you might not see them all on some nights since the club uses a clever suspension mechanism to hoist them out from the way for the dance floor!

Joe’s Billiards & Bar:

This traditional billiards pub has three sites around Kowloon, but we like the two-story Tsim Sha Tsui location for its convenience and secluded corner tables.

There is a large selection of both Cantonese and Western cuisine to get you through the night, in addition to a full choice of standard beverages.

Bars with Pool Table near me in London:

Whether you’re the pool world’s Ronnie O’Sullivan or still unclear which end of the cue to grip, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition on a night out. We’ve compiled a list of suggested pool tables in London, including which ones offer food, are open all night, transform into nightclubs, and even have ping pong tables.

Rileys Sports Bar Haymarket:

Riley’s sports pub in Haymarket is the perfect late-night hideaway for drinking, socializing, and playing pool in London, and it’s calling all sports fans and pool players. Rileys, located in the heart of the West End and outfitted with pool tables, table tennis, darts, and HD TVs to watch all the sports, is the place to be if you’re looking for something to do.

Number 1 London:

Three American-sized pool tables, two English-sized pool tables, 12 50-inch sports screens, and fantastic drinks are just a few of the amenities available at Number 1 London. They bring out their excellent DJs at night for a true club experience, and they also offer a foosball table for added competitive fun.

Heist Bank:

Heist Bank, a unique and hip establishment in West London that combines industrial and homey accents, is a must-see. The pub, which is located in Paddington, provides stone-baked pizza and ice-cold craft beer, as well as having a pool table for several games.

Best Bars with Pool Tables near Me in Jakarta:

If you are in Jakarta and Looking for Best Bars with Pool Tables then look no further below we have mentioned some of the best Bars that have pool tables. If you are anywhere else and looking for Best Bars with Pool Tables near me then you can find the best one nearby you by following the map provided in this post.

The number of pubs and nightclubs in Jakarta with pool tables is fairly vast, and eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends appears to be a regular occurrence for people seeking amusement after work hours. You should visit the following bars in Jakarta that have pool tables:

Eastern Promise:

Eastern Promise is a typical English-style pub that has retained an earned reputation as a prominent eating and nightlife attraction for residents of Kemang, Jakarta’s young urban district, for many years.

Eastern Promise is a festival of society with plenty of beer, wonderful food, and local and ex-pat life music acts. The menu features a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a delectable selection of British Indian meals and pub classics.

The facility has a pleasant environment and includes a restaurant, a bar, a sports & function room with a pool table and other games, as well as an outside drinking area, making it excellent for a variety of reasons, including resting with colleagues after work to planning personal occasions.


In Indonesia, it is widely regarded as the pioneer and leader of the upper-class billiard and bar idea. Because of its unique concept, established track record and expertise, and excellent management method, Afterhour has been able to develop both locally and globally.

Apart from the national delegates, Afterhour will have worldwide representatives in the near future.

Deli Star:

The Deli’s population is made up of a mix of locals and visitors who love the relaxed environment that has become synonymous with Star Deli. A bright setting, pleasant and competent service, and crazy good times are what you can anticipate from this location.

In addition to free Live Music Acts and Big Screen Sporting Events, Star Deli customers may enjoy Pool Tables and Star Wheel of Fortune to keep healthy and dangerous. Friday nights include the entertaining Star Dancers, who can be seen at Star Bar after 10 p.m. They also offer free WiFi, which is always a plus.

Jakarta Murphy’s:

Murphy’s Irish Bar & Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia was the first real Irish pub in the city. Murphy’s, which opened in May 2010, has introduced a taste of Ireland to Jakarta, particularly Kemang.

Murphy’s serves up wonderful cuisine, drink (including draught Guinness as well as Kilkenny), music, with some famed Irish “Craic.” The pub was created by an Irish pub design firm that has created over 100 Irish pubs all over the world.

Murphy’s is the ideal location to unwind after a long day at the office, with its gloomy lighting and mostly wood furnishings consisting of old seats, tables, and cabinets.

Awesome Things to Do Bars with Pool Tables near Me:

Sitting at a bar isn’t always enough, whether you’re on a date or hanging out with a bunch of friends. We’ve compiled the definitive list of amazing things to do at bars with Pool Tables, from pool and trivia to board games and karaoke.


The pool is a long-standing rivalry among friends, and it’s a terrific way to guarantee you’re out and about networking while also indulging in some healthy competition.

Pool tables are common in traditional pubs, but a growing number of establishments are bringing the old activity back. At Finn McCools, Vintage Beer Boutique, as well as the Boundaries Hotel, have your chalked and ball ready to play.


Whoever put sharp flying objects in the hands of bar patrons must have been made, but it’s this insaneness that makes for a fun game of darts.

This skill game is so widespread that domestic and worldwide darting competitions attract enormous crowds as well as hundreds of thousands of pounds in prize monies. This is a significant sport to participate in, but solely if you win.

Do you expect to find out how good your vision is? Try it at Mitchelton’s Brook Hotel or West End’s Archive Beer Boutique.

Final Words

When it comes to finding bars with pool tables near me, that’s all there is to it. Though there are some bars on the Strip with pool tables, many just have a few tables or none at all and there are any major pool halls.

If you’re looking for a pool table on the Strip, you’ll want to avoid busy hours or expect to wait because pool tables are few. There are a handful of specialized pool halls outside of the Strip that are a short drive or affordable ride away, as noted below. So, if you’re seeking bars with pool tables near me, use our search engine to find the ideal one.


What are the dimensions of pool tables in bars?

7ft, often known as Bar Size, is the standard size for most coin-operated tables seen in pubs and bars. The standard height is 8 feet. This is the most typical size for houses and private residences in the United States.

What is a pool table at a bar?

In comparison to conventional tables, Bar Boxes have smaller shelves and more sharp entry angles on the side pockets. As a result, the corner pockets in bar boxes frequently allow practically any shot to fall through! It also implies that bar table side pockets are less forgiving than regulated table side pockets.

Is there slate on the pool tables at bars?

One-piece slate tables are common in pubs and clubs, and most of them are coin-operated, with all of the balls rolling down to one end. Slate pool tables which are made up of three sections and have a depth of less than one inch are lighter and much more likely to get unleveled over time. The most significant distinction is in the way the slate is cut.

Is there still a need for pool tables?

The pool is still popular and enjoyed by anybody who plays it today, even if it is not as popular as it once was. Pool tables are available in a range of forms and sizes nowadays. Some are high-end tables that cost thousands of dollars, while others are little pool tables that cost only a few dollars.

Why aren’t pools a popular recreational activity?

For a number of reasons, swimming pools are no longer popular. Pool’s popularity has fallen due to a number of factors. There are a variety of reasons behind this, including a lack of opportunity to learn pool, the need for fast pleasure, and a shortage of pool area, among others. One of the key elements contributing to Pool’s downward trend is this.

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