Best Thrift Stores Near Me

Are you looking for the best thrift stores near me in your city? If so, then you came to the right site here; you will find out how you can sell your second hands clothes and other used items at a fair price. Keep reading this post to find the best thrift stores near me in your area.

In this post, we will locate the best thrift stores in your hometown and guide you on what kind of used products you can sell at thrift stores. And also share with you some advantages of selling old goods at these stores.

Best Thrift Stores Near Me:

Best Thrift Stores Near Me
Best Thrift Stores Near Me

1. Buffalo Exchange:

Are you locating the best thrift stores near me where you can sell your most expensive second household? Look no further than buffalo exchange; this thrift store offers hundreds of offers that you can choose from.

To their customer ease, You don’t need to schedule an appointment to visit Buffalo Exchange; you may walk in at any time to sell your wardrobe clearance there. You can sell your old good at any time; they serve seven days a week, from opening to closing.

They buy the most expensive of every season, focusing particularly on style and quality. Ask your Buyer inquiries as you are selling, please! They enjoy discussing how satisfied you are with their service and offers.

After the buyer has completed inspecting your stuff, you can choose to accept cash or a trade-in in exchange for the items you sold. Although both have advantages (and who doesn’t appreciate a little additional revenue in your pocket? ), they always advise choosing the swap. 

You’d be shocked at how often sellers will cash out first, to discover an item on their online request in the shop a few minutes later. Instead, you can take a drive around the shop floor to see what your trade may buy.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that trade never expires and can be utilized at any Buffalo Exchange location, even if you don’t intend to purchase on this specific visit. The address of this thrift store is 714 Broadway, New York, New York 10003 (USA).

After finding the best thrift stores near me in your city, head to that to sell your unwanted items to gain money or trades you can use to update your wardrobe. Come by whenever you’re ready to leave; your closet will be grateful.

2. Thrifty Hog:

Are you searching for the best thrift stores near me in your area where you can support homeless womens? If you are, then visit thrifty hogs to donate or sell your old goods to help them. Their primary goal is to offer professional skills and a livable income to homeless moms who cannot afford to raise their children.

The effects of homelessness are severe. Most mothers experience despair, fear, wrath, self-blame, and desperation, and their kids feel the brunt of these feelings. Upon initial contact, they offer a range of fundamental resources to aid in navigating this trauma. 

MetroCards (for transit to job, education, and coaching), meals and consumables, apparel, equipment, and a variety of other items. For mothers who are homeless, the frugal HoG acts as a work training program.

These mothers and their kids benefit from all net earnings, which helps them restore their livelihoods. They also offer a variety of initiatives to assist these families in growing and identifying and overcoming self-defeating patterns, including parenting classes, summer enrichment activities for young teenagers, financial education seminars, and much more.

Eventually, Hearts of Gold reached the Gold participation level for the GuideStar Charity Rating. The nation’s biggest organization source of info, GuideStar, is the one who presents this prominent icon of nonprofit responsibility and openness.

This upmarket consignment shop, located in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan, offers a carefully chosen collection of lightly used, vintage, and new apparel, accessories, and home decor goods for both men and women.

If you want to visit this thrift store, then the address is 11 West 25th Street, New York, New York 10010, USA. Furthermore, they provide a range of initiatives aimed at bringing about long-lasting change for our mothers and children. The Thrifty HoG is one of the best thrift stores near me in your area.

3. Housing Works:

Are you looking for the best thrift stores near me where you can donate some old kinds of stuff to help HIV/Aids Patients? If so, you need to visit the housing works thrift store to support the homeless people who are fighting these diseases.

Four members of the renowned AIDS activist group ACT UP made the decision to commit their lives to helping the hundreds or thousands of homeless people affected by Hiv / Aids in New York City in 1990.

Because they considered that secure housing was essential to assisting HIV-positive individuals in leading healthy, full lives and stopping the further transmission of infection, the activists named their new organization Housing Works.

In a community severely affected by the pandemic, the 33,000 sq ft institution in the area of Nyc provided counseling, a restaurant, health and dental treatment, and other services. You can visit this thrift store at any time, and also, you can buy or sell second households at a very reasonable price.

The idea of social enterprise firms, which earnings support the goals of a parent not-for-profit organization, was invented by Housing Works. In contrast to donations, this self-sustaining strategy offers the community career opportunities.

Important funding for their efforts comes from the renowned Housing Works Thrift Shops and Housing Works Bookstore Restaurant. The address of this thrift store is 143 West 17th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.143 West 17th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA.

What Are Thrift Stores:

Modern consumers can browse and purchase luxury consignment and used goods online at websites without ever leaving their homes. In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, businesses opened more for-profit thrift stores as individuals in need of more affordable clothing options, according to an IBISWorld Industry analysis.

According to a market report by IBISWorld, the thrift store business is currently worth $14.4 billion. The thrift-shop business model won’t go out of style anytime soon, according to consumer preference research that shows millennials prefer to do business with enterprises that support charity.

What Are The Advantages Of Visiting Thrift Store:

Volunteers sift and price the donated goods before they are placed on the floor for customers to purchase. A great example of a thrift shop that provides clients with gently used things is 2nd Avenue Stores. But there are lots of benefits associated with being thrifty at the best thrift stores near me in your area.

1. It’s Simpler To Dress Your Children In Thrift Stores:

There is no better way for a parent to outfit developing children than by visiting a secondhand shop. Kids frequently outgrow their Clothing before it becomes worn; therefore, it is simple to locate high-quality children’s Clothing in excellent shape for only a few dollars.

2. You Can Try New Things At Thrift Shops:

It’s enjoyable to experiment with patterns or shades you might not otherwise buy because thrift store products are inexpensive. Well, it was just $3 instead of $30 or, perish the thought, $300 if you only wear that pastel pink jacket or those monogrammed jeans sometimes.

3. High-Quality Items Are Found At Thrift Stores:

Items from thrift stores are usually of superior quality just by virtue of being there. They are not like your average cheap “quick fashion” shirts from H&M, Gap, or Forever21 that stretch and lose their shape after a few wears because they have previously endured one person’s use and still have profit potential.

4. Secondhand Clothing Doesn’t Shrink:

When you buy an old t-shirt from a thrift store, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it. This brings up the second point clothes in thrift stores are always washed before being sold, so washing them yourself won’t affect the fit.

5. Thrift Shops Give You The Chance To Discover Your Own Personal Style:

Buying without mannequins to guide you could be daunting, particularly if you’re like me and struggle to put together unique outfits. However, with experience, confidence will come.

One day, you’ll probably run into an unanticipated doppelganger in the street who is sporting the same blouse or dress as you when everyone purchases at the same trendy, name-brand retailers. No one wishes to be that character, We assure you.

6. The Thrift Store’s Racks Are Truly Filled With Fabulous Finds:

For the designer jeans, coats, and antique leather bags that you can find with just a little patience, there isn’t as much competition as there should be because there is still some stigma attached to secondhand buying. Continue returning with low hopes, and you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

7.No Salespeople Harass You To Buy Anything At Thrift Stores:

There aren’t any aggressive salespeople following you around, hoping to get a cut of what you buy. Since the majority of Salvation Army personnel are volunteers, they genuinely don’t care if you make any purchases.

8. More Than Clothes Can Be Found At Thrift Stores:

Thrift shops offer more than just Clothing. They’re a far more stylish take on Wal-Mart superstores and the pinnacle of one-stop shopping.

The majority of the furniture in my house, including the pine harvest table, linen mattress linens, a chair, drapes, a couch sheet, a shower combo, cooking pots, and lamps, is from thrift stores. Check the secondhand shop first if there’s anything you need because they generally have it.

9. Going Thrift Shopping Reduces Hoarding:

It’s easier to let rid of each thing because the financial investment is significantly smaller. You know those high-waisted pants that just don’t fit right, but you can’t force yourself to throw them out because you wasted so much money on them? That is not the case with $3 shorts from the thrift store! Give something back if it doesn’t work and try again.

10. Visiting Thrift Shops Helps The Community:

Many secondhand shops offer community support. You may be sure that your money is being used wisely because The Salvation Army gives all revenues to its charitable endeavors.

Flipping Tips To Make Extra Money From Thrift Store:

Once you know what to look for at the best thrift stores near me in your city, you may more effectively look for the purchases with the greatest potential. After that, clean them up, make any necessary repairs and maintenance, and resell the items.

Although a profit cannot be guaranteed, knowing what to aim for will help enhance your chances of earning a little dollars for your efforts. Here are a few short suggestions to help you make money from the best thrift stores near me in your city. 

1. Always Do A Web Search First:

Your best resource when profitably thrifting is your smartphone. When you’re out shopping, make sure you have a strong connection because the easiest method to guarantee a profit is to search eBay before you purchase items quickly.

It can provide you with a starting point and serves as a fairly accurate barometer for the price at which something will ultimately sell. If you’re unsure whether a specific item is a collectible, check its popularity on eBay, the going rate, and any available data on previous sales.

Just keep in mind that conditions might fluctuate greatly amongst things, so base your research on items with similar conditions.

2. Looking For Markings:

Have doubts regarding the pottery’s value? Discover if the item has any stamping, then research the stamp’s meaning online to see how it relates to resale value.

One website with a fantastic directory of pottery stamps arranged by shape and letter is Kovels, which is just one of many.

The clasp or the back of a pendant will typically carry a stamp if the item is jewelry. Compare the marks on your jewelry to the pieces Lang Antiques has on exhibit.

3. High-End Stores To Visit:

You may locate better-quality and name-brand products in certain communities as higher-end locations have a tendency to gather higher-end thrift store hauls.

4. Utilize Sale Days:

Because of donations, thrift retailers must cycle their stock frequently. To make place for the upcoming shipment, several stores offer things at steep discounts for one or two days each month. For instance, my neighborhood secondhand shop offers a 50% discount on certain days of the month. The less you pay, the more money you’ll make when you sell it.

5. Organize Your Selling Items:

Prior to sale, an object should always be able to be cleaned. It might not be a good idea to wear delicate Clothing with dry cleaning tags because, unless it’s a high-end designer piece, you probably won’t be able to recover the cost of the item plus laundry.

Before tackling any clothing items requiring more than a simple wash and use of a lint roller, check for stains and odors. When shopping for housewares, search for items that have minor wear and remember that some materials, including glass, porcelain, and silver, may need to be lightly polished before being sold.

Remember to carefully compare your finds to comparable goods online because some materials sell better unpolished.

6. Keep Packaging Expenses In Mind:

The margins for flipping items from thrift stores might be quite thin unless you’re lucky or know how to mend and sell. Therefore, keep in mind anything that can reduce those margins. Always take your bottom line into account when estimating packaging costs.

For instance, you might be surprised to learn how essential the type of boxes you use might be. You will overpay for shipping if you use a larger package than you require and have to load it with packing materials.

Although the USPS provides free boxes, the sizes may be restricted. Boxes that more closely match the dimensions of the things you’re shipping can be found at Office Depot,, and even

What Kind Of Used Items Can You Sell At Thrift Store:

1. Gaming Console:

For players, video games can evoke nostalgic feelings, and some well-liked series and categories are in short supply. Avoid games from outmoded platforms like the Sony PlayStation or Wii because they haven’t yet achieved legendary status. In speaking, the latest and older games sell the best.

On the other hand, there can be a lot of demand for games for Nintendo Entertainment and the Atari 2600. You might be able to profit from any more recent game for a device like the Xbox One, PSP, Nintendo, and many more.

2. Clothing Brands Or Collections:

Apparel sold in thrift shops isn’t always profitable because many shoppers believe they may buy worn Clothing there instead. However, if you look for major brands or are prepared to put together a clothes lot, you can increase the cost of that outfit.

Brand-name clothing does well because customers look for specific labels on internet marketplaces like eBay. It’s a fantastic method for customers to support a brand they adore without having to pay retail prices at boutiques or department stores. 

You can also choose a clothes lot, which might be more profitable through internet auctions. For instance, collecting ten maternity clothes of the same size is likely to generate more interest than selling just one outfit. Furthermore, advertising products as a lot rather than selling them individually can frequently result in shipping cost savings.

3. Sporting Goods:

Because brand-new sporting goods are pricey, many individuals are ready to buy items used at a thrift store to save money as long as they’re in good condition and don’t have wear, rips, tears, or deterioration. You can purchase any sporting equipment for a very low cost.

These are also fantastic goods to sell in quantities, as a mother with a hockey-playing child may need all the equipment at once. A word of caution, though: as athletic products can not be the simplest to clean, search for sweat stains or bad odors before you buy.

4. Glasses And Pyrex:

You may certainly find a tonne of glassware at your neighborhood thrift store because it lasts a long time. However, the fact that they are collectibles makes the distinction between a pair of glasses and ones that can pique a buyer’s attention.

Stay updated for anyone unusual because fans of glassware adore antique Pyrex kitchenware and glass in various forms and hues.

Look for complete glass sets if you can’t find cool blue glass or kitchenware with decorations. Tumbler sets are typically more in-demand locally than mismatched glasses are online.

Final Verdict:

The only purpose of this post is to locate the best thrift stores near me in your area where you can buy or sell used items. In this post, we have located the best thrift store in your hometown and guided you on what advantages you will receive by visiting these stores.

Also, we have shared some flipping tips with your to make some extra money. We hope you have found this article helpful; if you have any queries about the best thrift stores near me, then please leave your comment down below.


Can you profit from a thrift shop by swelling old goods?

Answer: Yes, you can if you offer a quality product. Many people find that flipping items at flea markets or charity stores are a terrific way to make extra money, create an emergency fund, and pay off debt. You may earn a profit off of your yard sale purchases with a little thinking and planning.

Can you resell goods from Goodwill at a thrift store?

Answer: Items are sold at Goodwill stores by the pound. For less than $1, you may purchase multiple articles of apparel. Not everyone will enjoy the outlet experience. You must be ready to get a little dirty and spend a few hours rummaging through boxes of goods.

Is it ethical to resale thrift store items?

Answer: This activity is unethical since it involves heavily benefiting from something people rely on while reselling thrift store things for greater rates. Prices in charity shops rise as a result of gentrification, making it more challenging for low-income people to get affordable Clothing and other products.

Who are thrift stores’ intended customers?

Answer: People looking for great deals on gently worn goods make up a large portion of the target market for thrift stores. However, it also covers those who shop at thrift stores in order to support a cause if doing so helps that cause. Many folks merely visit a thrift shop since they don’t know what to find there.

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