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The bao bing is Chinese, the kakigori is Japanese, and the halo-halo is Filipino. The bingsu, on the other hand, is a shaved ice tower topped with enticing toppings that originated in Korea.

Allow us to explain if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it. Bingsu is a street food dessert consisting of shaved ice stacked high in a stainless-steel bowl with sweet toppings like as minced fruit, sweet red beans, as well as tteok, then doused in condensed milk. Bingsu refers to varieties that do not contain red beans.

It’s understandable that you’d want to picture this meal before plunging in. Because of the ice shavings, the bingsu is the lighter dessert when compared to a dense slice of cake or even a bejeweled sundae – and as a result, you can eat a lot of it.

David Chang, a Korean-American Momofoku chef and presenter of Netflix’s Ugly Delicious grew up eating bowls of bingsu. Many years later, David has placed a coffee version of the Japanese shaved ice treat kakigori on the menu of his new Los Angeles restaurant, Majordomo, which launched in 2018 as a tribute to the city’s Asian cuisine.

Summer is linked with patbingsu in Korea. When you first see the extraordinarily towering, snow-like piles of ornamental bingsu, you’ll note that it has an “OTT” appearance. Some people have mixed sparkling wine with ice shavings to make a bingsu drink.

 Because the dessert is unmistakably seasonal, premium hotels in Seoul serve a plethora of variations of the final light meal in the summer.

If you’re looking for a bingsu near me, you’ve arrived at the correct place since this article will point you in the appropriate direction. Simply look at the bingsu near me Map on this website. If you’re looking for a bingsu near me, this Map might help.

What exactly is Bingsu?

Bingsu, also known as bingsoo, is a shaved ice delicacy from Korea with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans.

Pat-bingsu or red bean shaved ice, is the most popular variation. In the past, natural ice was the major element of ice, but when artificial ice and high-quality sweeteners were available, it was enhanced into boiling red bean shaved ice or fruit shaved ice blended with various fruits.

Initially, the ice-cutting machine was a basic tool in the shape of a plane, but currently, after a manual rotation by hand, electric power is extensively utilized.

If you need to discover a bingsu near me, you may utilize the Map on our page. This Map will assist you in getting to the area.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

History of Bingsu:

During the Joseon period (1392–1897), the first kinds of bingsu existed. The officials exchanged crushed ices topped with various fruits, according to government documents, which were delivered from the ancient Korean ice storehouse called seokbinggo.

Shaved ice with two or three ingredients, usually red bean paste, tteok, and powdered nut powder, was used in the early types of patbingsu.

Taegeukdang, Seoul’s oldest bakery, which debuted in 1946, was the first to provide modern versions of iced sweets. Following the Korean War, more varied and richer ingredients were added to patbingsu, such as cereals, syrups, ice creams, and whipped creams.

In different countries:


In addition to patbingsu, a number of Korean businesses have created shaved ice with a variety of ingredients, including Injeolmi shaved ice, melon shaved ice, coffee shaved ice, and green tea shaved ice.

It was the first time that honey and fruit were mixed with ice obtained from seokbinggo during the Joseon Dynasty, and during the Korean War, condensed milk, syrup, and chocolate were imported from the United States, and contemporary “Korean shaved ice” was born.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

Bingsu is now available in practically every dessert shop in Korea.


Shirokuma was created at a tea shop in Kagoshima, and the shape of white condensed milk poured over shaved ice in a circular bowl with sweet red beans, cherries, and tangerines were named after what appeared to be a white bear’s face.


Mango shaved ice with several mangoes, as offered in a Singapore store, is also notable due to the properties of mangoes.

The “Monster bingsu” is also known for freezing different types of milk, crushing it into layers, and sprinkling chocolate eyes on top. Instead of ice with water, this version uses shaved ice ground to display the grain of milk.

So if you’re seeking a bingsu near me, the Map provided in this post will be helpful.

Types of Bingsu:

This frozen treat comes in a variety of flavors. They come in a variety of tastes. You’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

Traditional Flavors:

Pat bingsu, injeolmi bingsu, and green tea bingsu are the most popular traditional tastes. The original is Pat Bingsu. It’s cooked with sweet red bean paste and served with Korean rice cakes on top.

Then there’s injeolmi bingsu. The roasted soy-bean powder is known as injeolmi. Peanut butter in powder form is the closest worldwide approximation to the flavor. It has a deliciously nutty, creamy texture, making it one of the most popular tastes.

Green tea is a popular traditional bingsu type. Green tea bingsu is a cool way to finish a hot summer day. As a result, it is one of the most popular summer tastes in Korea.

Fruit Bingsu:

Fruit bingsu is a year-round favorite. As the season’s change, fresh fruits are in season, and varied tastes of this white treat are as well.

The frozen treat is available for just about any fruit you can think of. In the spring, strawberry bingsu is accessible, while melon and mango are available in the summer, and apple and kiwi are available in the winter.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

Flavors of Today:

When it comes to this dessert, the choices are unlimited. Many stores produce their own variations based on popular flavors and foods. Some matjibs provide tastes that are very distinct and unusual.

Split bingsu for undecided friend groups, macaroon bingsu, and the extremely unlucky cheese bingsu are some current fads.

Where can I get it?


In South Korea, Sulbing is the most well-known bingsu chain. They offer a huge variety and are always adding new items to their menu. Sulbing is one of the greatest venues to try the dessert since the amounts are large and the desserts are loaded with ingredients.

They are of exceptional quality and craftsmanship for a franchise. It’s reasonable to assume that they’ve established the dessert standard in Korea.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

Non-franchise businesses:

Small family fun cafés and specialized stores are the most typical places to get bingsu. Many cafés give the treat to their patrons throughout the summer months. Surprisingly, eating the dessert on the coldest days of winter is also a custom.

When should you eat bingsu?

While it is most commonly consumed during the summer, it is also consumed throughout other seasons. It is constantly accessible in South Korea, so you may have it anytime you want. It’s not a holiday dessert. It may be enjoyed at any time and in any location.

In fact, eating the frozen dessert on the harshest winter days has become something of a custom. Traditional medicine recommends maintaining a thermal equilibrium between your body and the environment you’re in. As a result, cold foods are typically consumed in the winter and hot foods in the summer.

If you’re having problems finding a bingsu near me, use the bingsu near me near me Map to find one.

Reasons you need to try Bingsu:

Chilly sweets are seen differently by different cultures throughout the world. Patbingsu should absolutely be on your summer sweet craving bucket list if you want to add another dessert to it. Do you know what patbingsu is? This renowned Korean and Asian treat has found its way into specialized dessert stores all over the world.

Bingsu near Me
Bingsu near Me

Here are some reasons why you should try patbingsu:

Although patbingsu may be made at home, it tastes better when purchased from a specialty shop.

Patbingsu is made with ice, sugared red beans, and milk, most often sweetened condensed milk. The dessert has been compared to Korean shaved ice, but it doesn’t do justice to patbingsu’s airy texture.

The shaved ice is light and powdery, not crystalline, and resembles potato flakes.

While you can buy ice shavers to use at home, commercial shavers can produce the characteristic ‘snow’ with better uniformity than you could probably manufacture at home. Plus, because patbingsu is more of a sociable dessert than a lonely one, it’s worth visiting a Korean restaurant.

Patbingsu has a long and illustrious history:

This frozen treat has been around for almost 600 years. During Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, which lasted from 1392 to 1910, references to Patbingsu appeared.

According to legend, government employees in charge of maintaining the “royal icebox” took advantage of the opportunity by shaving part of the ice and covering it with fruit. Sweet bean paste became a standard ingredient over time.

With the introduction of Western influences, patbingsu was reimagined with additions such as ice cream and extra fruits. Individual eateries put their own touch on toppings; for example, Sweeting, my neighborhood patbingsu joint, provides some with Oreos and cheesecake on top.

Patbingsu is ice cream that has been raised to the level of an art form:

Patbingsu takes time to make. When you order at Sweeting, the waitress pumps milk into the icing machine, creating a blizzard of milky flakes that fall into a cooled dish in a cone form.

Families prefer the classic version, which consists of a snow tower topped with sweetened red beans, ice cream, slivered almonds, and mochi pieces.

Each patbingsu restaurant appears to put its own take on the classic dish, whether it’s by including exotic components like melon balls to create a swirling pattern or forming unique designs by forming the snow into a cylinder shape.

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It’s a bit like eating a nice scientific experiment when you eat bingsu:

With each bite, the flavor and texture of the patbingsu vary. At first, you’ll think you’re eating sweetened air as you bite through the fluffy milk flakes. The flakes melt quickly in your mouth.

However, the longer you eat your patbingsu, the more the flakes melt into one another, giving the dessert an ice cream-like consistency. Because the sweetened condensed milk collects towards the bottom of the dish, each mouthful becomes sweeter as you dig deeper into the desert.

You may eat it by yourself; however, sharing patbingsu is best.

You can eat your patbingsu by yourself, but sharing it adds to the enjoyment. Other groups have done the same thing patbingsu is an invitation to meet together with someone and share a dessert. K-pop is generally played at your favorite Korean dessert shop, and at least one group is eating while playing board games.

Is it safe to eat Bingsu near me?

Bingsu is a traditional Korean delicacy that is ideal for a hot summer day. Bingsu was traditionally made with shaved ice, milk, sweet azuki red beans, and rice cake pieces.

Nowadays, Bingsu comes in a variety of flavors and toppings, including cookies & cream, matcha, chocolate, pudding, vanilla, and just about everything else you can think of!

The toppings, of course, have progressed beyond delicious red beans and rice cakes. Cut fruit, different types of syrups, ice cream, jellies, frozen yogurt, you name it! Bingsu may be topped with a myriad of different delicious toppings.

Because of the enormous amount of condensed milk and a range of heavy toppings such as cookies, rice cakes, cheesecake, Korean Bingsu, or shaved ice, it includes a lot of calories from fats and sugar.

It’s essentially a dessert with a lot of simple carbohydrates, which might contribute to weight gain if calories aren’t counted.

However, if you have a strong desire for it but still want to lose weight, here are three strategies to assist you in mitigating the negative effects of Bingsu on your diet.

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When eating Bingsu, how do you lose weight?

It’s crucial to understand energy expenditure and the influence of different macronutrients when it comes to weight reduction and wellness. When it comes to losing weight, it all boils down to how many calories you consume and whether or not you are in a calorie deficit.

The most significant influence on weight reduction is a calorie deficit. But how can you figure out what your deficit is? Everyone is different when it comes to being in a calorie deficit.

The quantity you consume is determined by your species, size, body weight, age, and degree of exercise. To calculate your deficit, you must first determine your TDEE, which is the number of calories your body requires each day.

To calculate your deficit, you must first determine your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), which is the number of calories your body requires to maintain its present weight.

The TDEE is computed by multiplying your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by your activity level assessment. The quantity of calories your body requires only to survive and maintain your present weight is referred to as BMR.

Although this may appear to be a difficult task, there are several TDEE online calculators accessible. All you have to do is enter a few details, such as your age and gender, and the calculator will provide you with an estimated TDEE or, in certain cases, calorie objectives for weight reduction.

If the calculator merely tells you TDEE, all you have to do to lose weight is eat less than that amount.

Bingsu near Me

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating a bingsu near me. In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about bingsu, as well as the easiest method to discover one near you. Are you on the lookout for a bingsu near me? Then use the Map to find the best option in the area.


Is Bingsu bad for you?

Bingsu isn’t really healthy because it’s mostly carbohydrates and fat. A treat like Bingsu isn’t an issue as long as you consume everything in moderation and eat a balanced diet the bulk of the time.

Is it healthy to eat shaved ice?

While shaved ice is safe to consume and refreshing too much or too often might be harmful to your health due to its high sugar content. Shaved ice is sweetened with syrups containing refined sugars, which contribute to weight gain and the obesity epidemic, according to the American Heart Association.

Is a snow cone better than ice cream in terms of health?

These delectable snacks include a bit more calcium and protein than ice cream while having fewer calories.

Although it appears to be a winner, Weems claims that frozen yogurt and ice cream are approximately the same in terms of health benefits. Snow cones are the last but not least. Snow cones, on the other hand, are primarily sugar and water.

What is the sugar content of Bingsu?

According to the study, a 400-gram serving of bingsu includes 45.6 grams of sugar, which is close to the WHO’s daily sugar guideline of 50 grams. Because serving sizes vary from shop to store and two or more individuals sometimes split a bowl, a bowl of bingsu had an average of 82.3 grams of sugar.

Is Bingsu a fatty food?

This is the time of year when bingsu, a shaved-ice treat, is in high demand. However, there is a catch: they can contain up to half of your daily calorie requirements. Caffe Bene’s “Choco Devil” bingsu has the most calories among the 32 bingsu available at bakeries, coffee shops, and fast-food restaurants.

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