Burlington Near Me

Are you looking for a local Burlington Coat Factory? You’ve just discovered the most convenient method to find Burlington Coat Factory locations near you! You may receive complete information about outlets, like hours and location, by clicking just on markers in the Burlington near me map beneath. To search a Burlington factory in your area, use the interactive map.

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Information about the Business:

Burlington Factory, which established its first store in 1972 and today owns and manages 500 stores in 44 states and Puerto Rico, sells cheap brand names, baby and accessory items, shoes, and boys’ apparel. In 2006, Bain Capital purchased the firm and took it over privately.

Burlington Near Me
Burlington Near Me

In Puerto Rico and also the US, Burlington has roughly 470 stores. To discover your nearest location, type your city, state, and zip code into the search page box. To demonstrate the distance from your specified location, a list of locations and a comprehensive map will be displayed.

Burling factory Information:

Burlington Factory is located in the United States of America (328), and offers retail and business information and a location. By sorting by states and browsing the map to see all shopping, the store can be readily discovered.

Burlington Near Me
Burlington Near Me

It was almost always referred to be the nearest Burlington Coat Factory when it initially opened. They started seeking to delete everything except the initial word of the name a few years ago, and today it’s almost entirely known as Burlington.

In fact, with the exception of five states, every state in the US has at least one Burlington Coat Factory facility. Furthermore, one may be found in Puerto Rico. That means that the vast majority of individuals have had the opportunity to shop there at least once or twice.

Burlington stores are typically found in major cities where increased foot traffic is nearly guaranteed. If a state only has one, you can nearly bet it’s in the state’s largest city, or at the very least the second largest.

The mall, additional stores by state, operating hours, the map and coordinates, addresses, telephone numbers, and contact information for the corporation Burlington Coat Faction may all be found here.

Where Can I Find Burlington near me?

Without a doubt, the organization has a lot more than just one store across several states. While it is true that some states have only one store and that five states in the United States have no Burlington stores at all, several states have a variety of shopping places from which to choose.

This firm will be 50 years old in just a few years. It first opened its doors in 1974, making it a 46-year veteran of the industry. It’s unusual to find a service that can last that long, especially given how much has changed in the retail business in that period.

The majority of the companies that performed extraordinarily well when this shop first opened no longer exist. Those who do are having difficulty keeping their doors open. Burlington has managed to avoid all of this, and it continues to thrive.

More Information about Burlington Shops:

The fact that they don’t just sell jackets as well as they haven’t for many years is one of the factors contributing to its astounding success. They realized early on that if they wanted to generate a good amount of business year-round, they needed to advertise more than jackets, so they began introducing other items.

They began promoting things for newborns, as well as footwear and other types of accessories, such as clothes, even in their early years. Today’s market has everything and then some. The modern Burlington shop sells a wide range of apparel, accessories, purses, home goods, and even pet supplies. They do, in fact, still sell jackets.

If the shop is one of your favorite hangouts, you could find it even more intriguing to read this list, as you’re likely to learn at least a couple of things you didn’t know before.

Without a doubt, the organization has many more locations than simply one across a number of states. While it is true that some states have only one Burlington store and that five states in the United States have no Burlington stores at all, others have many locations from which to shop. For further information, click the link to our homepage.

Savings and Shopping in Burlington

According to the retailer, shopping in another department store might save you up to 70% more than shopping in your own. It’s no surprise that Burlington is a popular destination for name-brand outerwear and other items from a diverse range of designers.

Excellent Value and Selection

If you’re searching for a new coat or one of the many other Burlington products, this store offers fantastic deals and options for discerning shoppers. You may shop at one of the many stores for a limited range of things or purchase simply online.

You’ll find things for men, women, and children, as well as items for your home, at this diversified store. When you shop at a store, you will have a greater selection than what is available online.

Final Words:

So that’s it for us. Using the map supplied in this site, you can simply locate Burlington near me. When you purchase online, you won’t be able to get everything Burlington provides in their physical stores. There is, however, a large selection of maternity apparel and a wide range of childcare equipment, such as coaches, furniture, bedding, and more.


Is it possible to order from Burlington over the internet?

Burlington’s internet sales ceased in 2020, while buyers will continue to migrate to e-commerce, full-price brick-and-mortar stores will lose sales as a result. E-commerce has been fast expanding, while off-price retail at brick-and-mortar stores has been rising at the same time.

Is there a Burlington-specific app?

With the free Burlington Connected smartphone app, you can easily submit service requests on the move. The Burlington Connected app also gives you access to city news, events, online utility bill payment, job ads, and local social media connections, among other things.

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