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What exactly is Dennis?

Dennis is a well-known beach vacation town on Cape Cod, about 9 miles northeast. Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Eastham, Orleans, and Wellfleet all border Dennis.

Locals John Crowe and Thomas Howes established the East Gate in 1639 and named it after themselves. Dennis was nicknamed after a local pastor named Reverend Josiah Dennis when the town was formally formed in 1793.

Dennis is recognized for its magnificent colonial architecture, which includes houses near the Cape Cod Bay shoreline. On the Nantucket Sound, the town also features lovely vistas and great beaches.

Is it safe to live in Dennis? Moving to Dennis has numerous advantages, like low living expenses and a variety of exciting activities to do in the area.

Dennis Population & Demography:

Dennis has a population of how many people? Because few individuals continually relocate to Dennis, the town has witnessed little to no development throughout the years. Dennis has a population of 13,815 people, with a typical age of 66, making it a popular retirement and senior community.

Dennis’ population is almost entirely Caucasian, with only 1% Asian, 1% Hispanic or Latino inhabitants. Dennis has a median family income of $90,795 per year.

Dennis’s Living Expenses:

What is the average cost of living in Dennis? Dennis has a cost of living that is around 20.3 percent higher than the national average but about 7% lower than the state average in Massachusetts. Healthcare and residential utilities are more expensive, whereas food, mobility, and the Dennis real estate sector are more reasonably priced.

Dennis has an unusually high homeownership rate of 86.1 percent, making it exceedingly typical for inhabitants to purchase their homes. Dennis real estate is extremely competitive, with properties selling for an average of 4% more than the asking price and going outstanding in less than 7 days. A property in Dennis costs on average $594,000.

Less than a quarter of Dennis residents rent their homes or flats. Dennis’s rent is around $1,192 per month on average.

Dennis Neighborhoods:

Some of the greatest Dennis neighborhoods are divided into a handful of census-designated communities: Walgreens, CVS, and the local Dennis port Plaza are just a few of the many handy shopping options in Dennis.

The Dennis Recreation Sector reforms and administers all of the nearby parks, amusement venues, and beaches on favor of the community.

Dennis Near Me
Dennis Near Me

Dennis Weather:

Dennis has a humid continental, which means that summers are hot and humid and winters are cold and damp. Dennis weather gets 47 inches of rain and 25 inches of snow on average per year.

Dennis’s summer temperature is in the mid-to upper-seventies. During the winter, the average temperature in Dennis would be in the mid-twenties, with peaks in the mid-thirties.

Things to do In Dennis:

The area has a wide range of intriguing Dennis attractions, including entertaining places to visit, popular areas of interest, delightful outdoor activities, and more exciting Dennis attractions.

Visiting the neighboring West Dennis Beach, which offers a variety of activities, is a must-do in Dennis. The beach is a terrific place to cool off on a hot day by swimming in the Nantucket Sound. Many residents of Dennis visit here to sail kites or windsurf.

Dennis Near Me
Dennis Near Me

Beach Corporations:

Visit Corporate Beaches, which would be located on the opposing end of town, for another great activity to do in Dennis. Visitors will enjoy amazing vistas, a good beach, and calm waves around the bay after climbing up a massive sand dune.

Dennis Near Me
Dennis Near Me

Dennis Restaurants:

Residents of Dennis have access to a variety of excellent restaurants across the city, making it simple to take a night off from cooking at home.

Scargo Cafe, one of the greatest restaurants in Dennis, provides guests a colonial ambiance while enjoying delectable American food. Seafood, wings, salads, short ribs, flounder, lobster rolls, and much more are among the dishes on their great menu.

Clancy’s Restaurant:

Clancy’s Restaurant, a laid-back restaurant beside the Swan Pond River, is one of Dennis’ favorite locations to eat. Fried calamari, oysters, burgers, beef strips, as well as a variety of other wonderful dishes are among the options.

Dennis jobs:

Dennis’s average annual salary is $57,000. Residents in Dennis could expect to pay 5.1 percent in state income tax on each paycheck. Dennis has a 9 percent unemployment rate. If you’re looking for a job in Dennis, there are some decent options both in town and in the surrounding areas.

Some locals travel to Cape Cod for employment, which is roughly 9 miles distant and takes 20 minutes in each direction.

Final Words:

This is all about the Dennis from us, if you find any difficulties in finding the nearest Dennis you should follow the Dennis near me map provided before in this post. Depending on your needs, you may easily discover a variety of reasons to relocate to Dennis.

In comparison to other Massachusetts communities, Dennis has a cheaper cost of living. Dennis residents enjoy calm neighborhoods that are safe and have low crime rates. Because of its proximity to sea, the winters are chilly and rainy, with plenty of precipitation all year.

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What is the meaning of the term Dennis?

Dennis is mostly a male English name with the meaning Devotee of Dionysos. Dionysius was the Greek name for the god Dionysus. Cartoon of Dennis the Menace. Dennis Quaid is a well-known actor.

When was Dennis founded?

John Crowe and Thomas Howes created Dennis in 1639 as a section of town of Yarmouth. In 1793, the town was formally split and established. It was named after Josiah Dennis, a local pastor.

Are there any urgent care centers in Dennis Port that are open after hours?

Most primary care physician offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Most urgent care centers in Dennis Port, on the other hand, are open after hours, on weekends, and on many holidays.

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