Ethiopian Store Near Me

Are you searching for organic and high-quality African products and looking for an ethiopian store near me? If you are, then you have made the right decision to visit this site to discover some renowned ethiopian stores in your area.

This article will show you some of the best ethiopian store near me in your area where you can find everything that you need. Furthermore, this post will guide you on what products you can buy from these stores, so read on to learn more about ethiopian stores.

Ethiopian Store Near Me:

If you are looking for stores where you can buy any items, from clothing to groceries, at a reasonable price, then the Ethiopian store is the best option for you.

There are hundreds of ethiopian stores found in several states of America, and they offer the same line of products and quality, and sometimes it’s difficult to find which one is right for you.

To help you determine which store is perfect for you to visit, we have created a list of the top 4 best ethiopian store near me in your area where you can buy every stuff what you want.

Ethiopian Store Near Me
Ethiopian Store Near Me

1. Kalustyan’s:

This ethiopian store near me in your area is the best if you are looking for some special Ethiopian and Indian spices. This store was opened in 1944 by K. Kalustyan but is owned by the world’s largest grocery store chain Marhaba International INC.

You can also order your products online from their various sites like and Your pleasure is their top priority, and they are committed to offering only the best goods and services.

If the item you bought doesn’t meet your expectations, they’ll be pleased to replace it or give you shop credit for the same amount. They also enjoy listening to consumer feedback so they can give you better services.

They sell a variety of things, including dried fruits and legumes, Turkish delight, olives, 32 different kinds of herbs, fresh spices, and many others that New Yorkers are unlikely to find in their neighborhood grocery. The address of this store is 123 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA.

2. Yema Calif:

Yema calif is one of the most famous clothing stores offering hundreds of appeal imported from direct eutopia and 57 other countries. If you are searching for an ethiopian store near me in your area where you could buy some quality ethiopian fabrics, then this one s perfect for visiting.

The ethiopian clothing store was founded in Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash with the only motive of providing excellent product quality at a reasonable rate. In 2022 their clothing collections include shop t-shirts, hoodies, shocks, short dresses, and denim.

Yema calif ethiopian store also offers many discounts offers to their customers on various products. If you wish to visit this ethiopian store near me in your city, the address is United States, 26 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013.

3. Orchard Grocer:

The Orchard Grocer ethiopian store near me in your neighborhood is perfect if you want to buy all products in one place. This ethiopian store provides a vast selection of grocery and clothing items and a food court where you can eat some delicious meals while shopping.

In new york city, the only reason this store stands at the top is its modern vegan pantry items and hearty sandwiches, which are made from 100% palm oil free. The store’s atmosphere is awesome, and the staff members are way too friendly that welcome every customer with pleasure.

If you like to visit this ethiopian store near me in your area, then go to this address 78 Orchard Street b/t Broome + Grand, New York, NY 10002. If you want to order online or have any concerns related to your products, then make a call at 646.757.9910.

4. Keita West African Market:

If you are searching for an ethiopian store near me where you can purchase every African product, then this is the store to visit. If you want some real taste of Ethiopian products, then this store is a great place to buy raw mango, shea, and cocoa butter at a decent price. 

The Keita west African market is committed to providing organic and natural products, and they are glad to help you with your shopping. They also sell tons of spices, soup mixed and dry goods, and millions of sweet plantains that customers can find easily on the counter.

This ethiopian store is available for customers 24/7, so they can buy whenever they want. The address of this store is 1225 Broadway, New York, NY 1122. For ordering online, contact them at (718) 602-2099 or visit their official website.

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In this article, we have shown you some of the best ethiopian stores nearby where you can buy whatever you want at a reasonable price. From these stores, you can buy hundreds of ethiopian and African natural products and can also eat your favorites ethiopian cuisines.

We hope you find this informative blog post useful and that it helps you find the best ethiopian store in your area. If you have any concerns or recommendations related to the ethiopian store near me, please leave your valuable feedback in the box below.

Ethiopian Store Near Me
Ethiopian Store Near Me


For what products does Ethiopia know?

Ethiopia is one of the best African countries which is only famous for providing top-quality coffee beans. Ethiopia is also well known for raw mangos, honey, leather, metalworks and jewelry, ceramic, wickerwork, and all products easily found at ethiopian stores.

What are the best Ethiopian restaurants in NYC?

In the United States, approximately 350 Ethiopian restaurants are available which provide the same taste and quality food to customers. But the best Ethiopian restaurants in NYC include Bunna Cafe, Queen of Sheba, Ghenet Brooklyn, Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, and Massawa.

Can you order online from the Ethiopian store?

Yes, you can order online from the Ethiopian store, and even some Ethiopian stores offer online portals or mobile applications so customers can easily order their products without complications.

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