Metro Pcs Stores Near Me

Are you looking for metro pcs stores near me? If yes, then you have visited the right site to find the best metro pcs stores.

This guide will help you to locate the best metro pcs store near me in your city and guide you on everything that you need to know about Metro PCS Stores.

Metro Pcs Store Near Me:

You can use the online Metro by T-Mobile store finder link to find the location of the nearest Metro PCS store. It will direct you to the closest Metro PCS store after you enter a few simple facts like your postal code and town location.

If you want to know the procedure to locate metro pcs stores near me in your region right now, then follow the below-listed procedure to find one.

  • Open your web browser and go to the T mobile metro pcs store locator website.
  • Next, locate the “Enter Address or Pin Code” box in the top left corner of the website.
  • Click the search button after entering your address or pin code.
  • After that, you may choose any of the metros pcs retailers closest to you from a list that appears on the left, immediately below the search box, by clicking on it using Google Maps.

You can quickly locate metro pcs stores nearby in your city using this method. Have you looked for one, folks? Isn’t it amazing?

What Is Metro Store:

Metro Pcs Stores Near Me

Prepaid cellphone service provider Metro by T-Mobile is based in the United States. It was formerly referred to as Metro PCS. Metro by T-Mobile is another name for MetroPCS, a brand that T-Mobile owns.

In the past, it used code-division multiple access to run the fifth-largest mobile communications infrastructure in the U.S. Initially known as General Wireless, Inc.; Metro was founded in 1994 by Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang.

The abbreviation PCS stands for Personal Communications Service. Its service made its debut in 2002. About 1.5 million people were MetroPCS subscribers as of February 2005. The business had 21 licenses at the time, allowing it to function in Metropolitan Miami, Florida, Venice, California, Georgia, and Folsom.

Later that year, the business extended to the Dallas and Detroit regions. MetroPCS debuted on the stock market on April 19, 2007. With a market worth of $8 billion, the $50 million share IPO ended at $27.40. In 2013, the carrier’s services were integrated under Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE network after engaging in a reverse merger with T-Mobile U.S.

What Kind Of Mobiles Can You Buy From Metro PCS Stores:

There are several meaningful ideas for continuing to use Metro by T-Mobile. The appropriate phone selection, though, could be more difficult. You can purchase smartphones from everywhere, but what about stores? What is the price? How helpful was it to visit the store? And finally, What smartphones do they offer?

Remember, not all smartphones can meet your desire and can’t give you the desired result. So are you thinking about visiting metro pcs stores near me in your area to purchase Smartphones? If yes, continue reading to find out what type of smartphones you can buy from the metro pcs store near me.

Here is the list of the best smartphones you can purchase from the metro pcs store near me in your area.

1. Samsung S21 Series:

Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is fantastic, most Samsung enthusiasts know that their F.E. versions offer the best value. The best smartphone you can purchase at metro pcs stores near me in your area is the SamsungGalaxy S21 FE.

This smartphone delivers incredible value for the money and includes the majority of the features that everyone wants from a phone. Samsung S21 series smartphones can be purchased at a lower price tag in metro pcs stores. You sure are going to love this visit to the metro pcs store.

The 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is fantastic and has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is uncommon for devices in this price category. A Snapdragon 888, lots of RAM, a triple-camera setup, and a strong 4,500mAh long-lasting battery round out the excellent specifications. So hurry up, grab Samsung S21 FE from the metro pcs store, and start exploring its perks.

2.iPhone 13 Series:

Metro store also offers iPhone 13 series to its customers. The iPhone 13 series consists of four variants and is Apple’s most recent line of flagship iOS-based devices. The A15 Bionic, Apple’s newest and fastest chipset, is found in all the latest Apple phones.

But that price will shock you because no one can afford that costly phone. But the good news is you can buy these Apple phones that are low in price and perform as well as costly ones.

The cheapest phone of the Apple group is the portable iPhone 13 Mini. It boasts a 2,438mAh battery, which is an improvement over last year. The notchless Super Retina Curved Display makes this phone on top. With a 12MP rear camera and also a 12MP front-facing camera, you can use it for selfies. So about the features, these are the same as in others. The 6.1-inch display of the iPhone 13 makes it a little bigger. Additionally, the battery is slightly more obvious because it gives you enough time to watch and stream music and videos.

The Pro versions of the iPhone 13 aren’t now available in Metro P.C.s locations, although they have in the past, so they might. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are available in your nearest metro pcs stores.

3. Motorola:

One of the best inexpensive Metro phones you can buy from metro stores near your city is the Moto G Stylus 5G from Motorola, a part of its G-series. If you want decent functionality and a stylus without going broke, it’s a great substitute.

You shouldn’t have trouble making it through the day because Motorola also transferred the enormous 5,000mAh battery from the Moto G Power.

In addition, the Moto G Stylus boasts a triple camera setup, an 8.4GB RAM, a Snapdragon 695 engine, and a 6.8-inch Full HD+ screen. The phone still has a two-day battery life estimate, and you won’t find any gadget with a more potent stylus at this price.

4. One Plus:

The OnePlus brand is one of the famous brands you can find at metro pcs stores. The Nord N200, for your consideration, is one of the carrier’s cheaper options, but it offers a fast 5G connection and a sharp 90 Hz frequency range.

The price of this one plus phone compared to others is far cheaper. To make it more saving you can directly visit the metro pcs store near me in your city now. Don’t worry about the battery because it has a 5000mAh battery that should survive for hours. 

By visiting a metro pcs store, your budget will also thank you for purchasing it from the metro pcs store. The Nord N200 also retains a popular feature that is rare on modern smartphones.

With a headphone jack, your preferred wired headphones can be brought along, and the 64 G.B. of internal storage can accommodate a large number of tunes. The device offers a microSD card port if that isn’t enough.

What Features Do Metro Pcs Store Provide:

In metro pcs stores near me in your area, they offer a selection of add-on options by T Mobile that range in cost from free to $20 per month. There are no options for major streaming services other than the Metro by T-Mobile package, which is the most costly and comes with an Amazon Prime membership.

The following features you can get at metro pcs stores near me in your city are.

1.Google One: 

As a result of the Google, One membership bundled with the Unlimited (5 Gigabytes spot) plan, every user of an Android device will be given 100 Gb of space within Google Workspace at no additional cost. For an extra $1 per month or $8 for 2 T.B. of storage, customers have the option to increase their Google One space.

2. Bundle of Premium Services:

The most well-liked add-on features for Metro by T-Mobile are included in this package, which also includes:

  • Advantages of device protection.
  • Metro pcs recommends using T-McAfee Mobile’s Security to shield your device from viruses.
  • They offer Scam Shield Pro which protects you from scamming calls; this anti-scan technology is the latest among other software.
  • You don’t need to worry about directory ending because they offer Never-ending directory assistance.
  • Pricing varies by location and device type and starts at $9 per month.

3.Shared Calling:

The unlimited Metro by T-Mobile plans only permit calls between two persons. Although they may not always be supported by the metro, conference calls and calls to chat lines can be put on. 

Customers can purchase additional shared calling minutes in increments of 300 minutes for $3 monthly or 1,000 minutes for $9.99 / month, depending on the required number of minutes.

For specific numbers, such as chat lines, that are not included in Metro by T-plans, Mobile’s a bucket of minutes provided by the Select Shared Calling service.

4. International Services:

Customers can obtain unlimited domestic and international calls and 5 G.B. of data roaming for $5 per month through international services. This feature allows for limitless domestic texting within Canada and worldwide to other nations.

Customers can elect to get unlimited calls to and from Mexico for $5 per month, just like in Canada. With up to 5 G.B. of high-speed data, the Mexico Unlimited subscription offers unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, this function offers free domestic and international texting when in Mexico.

For $10 a month, customers can use Metro by T-Global Mobile’s Voice calling services to contact family members who live in more than 140 different countries. For other nations, unlimited texting is also available. Users can double their International Voice conversation time for $20 per month if the included minutes are insufficient.

5.Safety Features:

Every metro store near me in your area by T-Mobile plan includes basic scam blocking, scam call I.D. screens, and caller I.D. as standard security features. The corporation developed Scam Shield Premium to boost security to keep you away from screaming calls.

For just $2 per month, it allows you to manage blocked number lists, categorize calls for voicemail, find out more using reverse number lookup, and automatically get voicemails via text message.

The monthly cost to upgrade to McAfee Security with I.D. Theft Protection is $3. Features of the safety include I.D. tracking, True Key strong passwords, and antivirus/anti-theft for ten devices. For $5 per month, you may get the Security Bundle, which combines McAfee Security, ID Fraud Protection, and Scam Shield Professional.

The Scam ShieldTM Premium and an enhanced Google, One subscription with 200 GB of cloud storage are included in the $3 monthly Storage and Security Bundle. Customers can use this service to back up vital data and share it with up to five more persons.

What Type Of Payment Method Are Accepted To Pay Metro Bills?

Customers of MetroPCS cellphone services can pay online or over the phone using a debit or credit card. Users of this service can also pay in person at MetroPCS locations or authorized payment locations with cash, checks, debit, or credit cards. They can also mail their payment to the company’s headquarters.

On the official MetroPCS website, customers can submit payment information to enable auto-pay, which automatically deducts the entered payment method each month when the payment is due. Account holders can also buy MetroPCS payment cards and top up their accounts more time using these cards.

Users can call to talk with a customer service person or dial *99 to access MetroPCS’ automated payment system to pay bills over the telephone. A metro smartphone application is also offered for cardholders who use a debit or credit card.

Account holders can pay in person at designated payment sites and MetroPCS stores. Customers can also make after-hours payments via drop boxes outside of MetroPCS stores, and during peak retail hours, payment terminals within these locations make it simple to make purchases.

Users must write their card details on their checks before sending them to the head headquarters. As of 2015, MetroPCS Communications, Corporation should receive checks for MetroPCS coverage.

What Are The Opening Hours Of Metro Pcs Stores:

When is MetroPCS open or closed today? What are MetroPCS’s store hours on holidays? And much more.

On routine days, MetroPCS typically opens in the late morning till 10:00 am and shuts in the late afternoon at 8:00 pm. Even though numerous shops open at 9:00 am and close simultaneously. All seven days of the week, almost every store opens for service.

There is a slight possibility that MetroPCS will vary its operational hours slightly depending on the location of each shop. The Metropcs shop locations have different operating times and holiday schedules.

These hours correspond to most MetroPCS locations; however, it’s always better for you to phone or email and ascertain the precise hours of the location you intend to visit.

What Are The Metro Pcs Store Holidays Hours:

During the important American holidays, regional branches hardly ever change their MetroPCS client service center hours or close entirely. However, MetroPCS stores will be open on several notable holidays, and the holidays will be the same as the normal office hours.

You can also contact their customer care or a nearby store for assistance connecting with the appropriate individual. Finding where and when to call to get prompt assistance is always a smart idea if you anticipate needing assistance over the holidays.

The holidays that the MetroPCS customer support department is closed to all customers are mentioned below.

  • Christmas Day.
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Fourth of July.

How Can You Contact To MetroPCS Store Customer Service Office?

These are the simple methods for contacting the customer service team. If you want a quick resolution, you can use a variety of connections to contact the support representative. The likelihood of quicker responses increases when communicating with the customer support team via several channels. To solve your challenges, turn to the resources listed below.

Phone number:

The customer service department can be reached directly by customers at 1-888-863-8768 during business hours. To access your account, call a customer service number; however, after business hours, an employee won’t be able to assist you.

Message Assistance:

You must use the store locating tool to find the closest MetroPCS store to send a message to the customer service department. After entering your information, you can submit the message and learn about the business’s hours and other information.

Postal Assistance:

Customers can write directly to the customer service department at MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.’s corporate office, which is located at P.O. Box 601119 Dallas, Texas 75360.

On Social Networking Sites:

Through social media, you can contact the customer metro pcs support division. Send them a note on Facebook, and they’ll get back to you at metro pcs stores near me during regular business hours. If you wish to continue the conversation, you should send the message within business hours. Post-business-hour comments will receive a response the next business day.

What Procedure Are Used To Check Metro Pcs Call History:

There are two options for viewing your Metro PCS call history, both of which need the account holder to approve the request and cost money. You must present identification if you prefer to request your call history in person. Once the data have been collected, they will be sent to you.

However, this can take some time, and calling customer service might be simpler. Tell the customer support representative when you call 888-863-8768 that you wish to sign up for complications develop. For enrollment, an email address will be required.

Go to, select “pay my bill,” ” to go into your metro account. You will need to input a verification code that will be delivered to your phone to finish setting up your online metro pcs account.

Once you’ve signed up, log in to your online account. On the bottom right-hand side of the screen, you may click login to view detail invoicing.”

To create a different login than the one you just generated, click “new user/register” once more. Register with that account. When your Metro PCS call history data are prepared, an email will be delivered to the email address you used when you first subscribed.

You must wait for one payment schedule before viewing your private communications because your call history records are only collected once you sign up; there won’t be a backlog to show you.

Final Verdict:

In this post, we have guided you on how you can locate metro pcs stores and showed you what kinds of features and products you can get from the metro pcs store.

Hope you have found this informative article helpful. If you have any queries regarding metro pcs stores near me, please send us your important feedback in the below-mentioned box.


What does MetroPCS charge for phone upgrades?

Answer: Metro P.C.s has established a fee of $25 for upgrading your phone with financing. The subsidizing amount is $199, and the phone’s purchase price is $650. Depending on the activation method you select, these upgrade costs may change. Using credit or debit cards, you must purchase for the registration through the online registration service.

Why is Metro P.C.s by T-Mobile running so slowly?

Answer: A poorly designed access point may be to blame for slowing down your MetroPCS connection’s performance.  The reason for this problem could be your area because metro pcs work best in the region that has full access to the metro network. To better it up, go to settings and change the Access point or restore it to previous settings.

What is the best service between Metro And Tmobile?

Answer: T-Mobile and Metro are both strong contenders. Compared to the other companies like Verizon and AT&T, both also provide amazing savings. In general, T-Mobile is a superior option for customers seeking a premium service.

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