Nepali Store Near Me

Are you searching for a nepali store near me? If so, then you came to the right site. Nepali products are very famous worldwide,e and they offer plenty of products that you can buy from theNepali store.

In this post, we will guide you to the best nepali store near me in your city and what you can buy from these stores. Keep reading to find more about nepali stores.

Nepali Store Near Me:

Nepal is home to Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain peak, and Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Nepali products can be bought from any part of the world. We have picked some of the best nepali store near me in your city to buy some nepali goods and spices to make your meal taste better and healthy. Some of the best nepali stores are.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

1. Karma Nepal Crafts:

Are you looking for a nepali store near me that sells excellent nepali crafts? Then Nepali karma craft is best for you. This modest business provides handcrafted apparel, jewelry, crystals, and meditation equipment manufactured mostly by Nepalese, Indian, and Thai women artisans.

The staff at Karma Nepal Crafts handpicks each item to ensure quality and artistry, as well as colors and designs that beautify and inspire you. They are committed to providing you with high-quality products and excellent customer service at a low price, and we back this up with their Fast, Cheap Shipping and Returns policy.

This is made possible by their visits to marketplaces in Nepal, India, and Thailand, where they meet the Makers and their families on the farms where they cultivate cotton or in the little corners of their houses where they carve sculptures or create stunning jewelry.

They can create these relationships, understand how things are manufactured, and eventually assist sustain their local economy thanks to your business. Each item has been hand-picked and created by local women artisans from Nepal, India, and Thailand.

 These female artists have left their homes due to domestic abuse, and all they know is how to manufacture beautiful products. As a result, by purchasing the items, they assist them in their development and ability to live freely.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

If you want to visit this store, the address is New York City (West Village)  266 Bleecker Street, New York City  10014. If you have any complaints or want to book online, you can email them to their website.

2. Nepali Store International Llc:

The business strives to provide the highest quality items, including traditional Nepali cuisine, luxury packaging, and consistent quality.

To close the gap between local farmers and end consumers by creating jobs in the local market by providing high-quality goods to Nepali and foreign customers.

Through rigorous market research and analysis, to increase the number of customers with true originality of Nepal and to earn a reputation in the worldwide markets for good delivery.

The address of this nepali store near me in your city is Syracuse, NY 13206, USA, 1919 Teall Avenue. This Nepali shop aims to establish and ensure that Nepali cuisine culture and heritage are well-known in international markets.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

The store opening timing is Monday to Sunday 8.30 am to 8 pm they also provide online services for their costumers. If you have any queries about their product or want to order online, you can contact them at (315) 877-3412 for more information.

3. Namaste Nepal:

If you are looking for a nepali store near me for groceries? If yes, then this one is the better choice for you. They have a lot of grocery items that are imported from Nepal. Their items are sourced from the Himalayas. Ensuring food safety begins at the agricultural level with production.

Their goal is to produce premium packaging that reflects the high quality of our products. All contacts with farmers and employees are performed consistently with the norms of ethical and responsible business. These items are sourced from Nepal. This benefits the country’s economy by providing work opportunities for young local men and women.

They deliver and market the best quality products to the global market through significant market study and research, straightforward consultation with local growers and resellers, work pressure from procuring to the emergence of raw resources, working with women groups for merchandise segregation, and packaging, and proper storage management.

All facilities and products are currently obtaining ISO certification. They are well-positioned to fulfill and understand the demands of our clients. Today, tomorrow, and in the future, because we conduct extensive market research and solicit direct input from them.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

The address of this Nepali store is 808 North Townsend Street, Syracuse, NY 13203, USA. If you have any questions about their goods or want to book online, you can call them at +1 315-372-0685.

What Can I Buy At The Nepali Store:

When you locate a nepali store near me in your city, you may wonder what I can buy at n Nepali store? And what products are good to purchase from it. Don’t worry; we covered you up by providing some best Nepali products that you can enjoy with your family and make your meal spacey or sweet with Nepali spices.

Jewelry, handicrafts, floral-embroidered shawls, fabrics, silk, cashmere fabric, wool to singing bowls for curing, Hunting knife swords, Buddha figures, photographs, and masks are all crafted with great skill and sophistication.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

If you don’t want to spend money on decorations, Nepalese tea, Himalayan pickling salt, handmade lotions, lanterns, and handmade paper cards are some options. Here are some of the best Nepali products that you can buy.

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1. Kasthamandap Lakha Mari Joprasad:

Lakhamari is a famous confectionery that is considered auspicious in Newah culture. It has a crunchy feel and comes in various shapes and sizes. Larger Lakhamaris are utilized for social gatherings, whereas smaller Lakhamaris are used for worship and daily usage.

Black gram flour, corn starch, ghee, including the connection seed, and baking powder are used in this recipe. One sort of Lakhamari is Joprasad, which is used for wedding supari sets, presents, and other traditional rites. It’s also eaten on a regular basis because it may be stored for a long time.

2. Ghee Desi:

Ghee is a traditional cooking fat that is widely utilized in Southeast Asian cuisine. Ghee has a characteristic caramelized nutty taste and is shelf-stable. It’s perfect for frying and cooking since it has a smoke point (-480 °F).

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

Ghee has always been the benchmark of perfection in exquisite cookery in Asia for generations, and its flavor is unrivaled. That is why it is so popular among gourmet cooks all around the world.

3. Marsi Chamal Jumla:

Jumla Marsi Chamal is a one-of-a-kind tea produced at Nepal’s highest elevations. It is high in fiber, Vitamin B1, B2, Zinc, Magnesium, and other nutrients. Even after being cleaned and boiled for hours, its nutritious content is intact.

Even a single meal or bowl contains more nutrients than spinach, apples, or milk. Every grain is organically cultivated and hand-selected by our scientific staff to provide the highest quality for our consumers.

Every Nepalese resident adores it and welcomes it into their homes because of its nutritious benefits. Its vibrant red hue tempts your family to stay active, healthy, and cheerful.

4. Himalayan Bamboo Shoots:

Himali Tama is the fourth member of the Himali Tama family. Bamboo shoots, also known as Tama in Nepal, are one of the most popular foods. It may be eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable, and it can also be used to create pickles.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

It is a seasonal meal that may also be canned for year-round usage. Tama is a white, bamboo-like plant in its uncooked state. It is maintained fresh by submerging it in water.

5. Bagh Chal:

The greatest recommendations are traditional, traditional presents and the Bagh Chal (Tiger and Goat) is one of the best options. This is an old and traditional Nepalese party game, often known as “Moving Tigers” or simply “Tiger game,” a strategic, two-player board game. This hunting game called aims to dominate the board, which features four tigers and twenty goats.

The game’s rules are simple: if the goat wants to win, they must encircle the tigers. The tigers must catch all of the goats on the board to win. You can ask the business proprietor for help if you don’t grasp the game rules or if everybody in the USA knows how to play.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

Bagh Chal board game sets are commonly constructed of metals such as copper, brass, wood, plastic, or even paper and can be in a broad range of styles, sizes, shapes, and beautiful patterns.

Bagh Chal board game sets are commonly constructed of metals such as copper, brass, wood, plastic, or even paper. And can be in a broad range of styles, sizes, shapes, and beautiful patterns.

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6. Napali Tea:

Tea is not just a Nepali delicacy, but it is also a popular drink. If you visit a Nepali store near me in your city and are fortunate enough to be invited into a local’s home, you will see that they always greet and treat visitors with aromatic, tasty hot cups of tea.

Nepali teas come in various tastes, but the most famous include Green tea, Earl Gray tea, Bombay tea (Nepali Spice Chai), mint tea, and others. All come in lovely packets, and one of the most intriguing things to do is have tea on the street with Nepali Chiya, Nepal’s most popular tea. You can select from a variety of options based on your interests.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

If you’re in a restaurant, get a cup of milk tea, and if you’re hooked to Nepali Chiya (Day Spice Nepali Milk Tea), Nepal’s most popular tea, buy some to take home. There are many of the top best tea brands in the United States that you can buy to enjoy your tea.

7. Accessories, Jewelry, And Gemstones:

Many people say that jewelry is the key to a lady’s heart, and Nepal’s unusual and beautiful jewelry and accessories can make any woman happy. The Nepali store has it all, whether it’s silver or platinum, beads or quasi stones, emerald lapis lazuli, or yak bones.

You may have your name engraved on these pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, or you can buy single beads to build your own necklace. Not only the dress but also jewelry and accessories may help women look more attractive. As a result, these are very important presents to give to female relatives and friends.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories and jewelry sold in Nepali stores are crafted from a variety of valuable materials. However, all of the jewelry items offered have one thing in common they are all exquisitely created, assuring that whoever receives the present will like it.

Nepali Store Near Me
Nepali Store Near Me

Ruby, Aqua, black and green tourmaline, and iridescent quartz dug at gem mines in the Himalayas are among the stones and jewelry available in stores, and the quality is excellent. Furthermore, the cost of gem items in this country is quite low, considerably low compared to other countries.

However, if you want to refuse to buy fake stones, we propose hiring a gem craftsman or going with a regional who knows about gems. This way, you may get authentic items at the greatest price.

8. Handi Craft:

Handicrafts The majority of visitors are drawn to Nepalese handicrafts because of their variety, use, and originality. You may purchase miniature sculptures such as Hindu gods, Buddhist statues, timber masks, ultima puppets and sculptures, woven bags and baskets, and so on, made by skilled artists.

Do not, however, make the mistake of purchasing antiques. Because bringing antiquities out of Nepal is prohibited. These one-of-a-kind crafts are painstakingly developed and crafted, resulting in valuable and significant keepsakes.

These handicrafts may be purchased in any city, at any local market, for a reasonable price. So be sure to go to the greatest Nepali store in your city.

9. Medicines And Herbs:

Nepalese medicinal plants and essential oils are well-known exports. Medicinal and aromatic plants, which are abundant in Nepal’s forests and Himalayan peaks, are valuable natural resources. For generations, these herbs have been utilized in Nepal for traditional treatment.

Ayurvedic medicines are produced entirely from medicinal plants. Essential oils produced from a variety of medicinal plants are widely utilized as a raw material in the manufacture of a variety of consumer goods, including cosmetics, perfumes, and medications.

Citronella oil, Palmarosa oil, Sugandha Kokila oil, lemongrass oil, and lichen extract are some of the most regularly produced essential oils and extracts.

 France, Japan, Pakistan, Italy, Europe, and the USA are the main export markets for these items. So be sure to choose the right Nepali store that provides excellent service and quality products to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

10. Rice And Maize:

Nepal has long been referred to as an agrarian or agricultural country. As a result, agricultural crops account for a significant portion of the country’s economy. Rice is a basic in practically every Nepali household and is consumed on a daily basis.

Rice is the most significant agricultural crop in Nepal since it is the main source of revenue and revenue for more than two farming households. Nepal produces the highest-quality rice on the planet. Maize is also one of Nepal’s most important traditional and agricultural crops, used for food, feed, and fodder.

 Because of its adaptability, this crop has always been in great demand and has increased year after year in the previous decade. Maize is a crop that is also grown in the United States, but Nepali maize has some unique taste. Be sure to choose a branded product when shopping from Nepali stores.

11. Fruits:

The fruit is popular and is among the most significant and high-value cash crops. The apple is also one of the world’s most extensively produced deciduous fruit crops. Citrus fruits are one of the most important commercial fruit crops in the hills. Lemons, oranges, and limes are among the various citrus fruits available in Nepali markets.

Also, you can find mangoes which are popular summer fruit that may be found all over the world. Because of its low carb content and high vitamin A and C content, this fruit is also incredibly healthy. They’re also tasty and in high demand throughout the summertime, so purchasing them is a good idea, and they make a great snack.

12. Gold Star And Meccha:

If you check at the feet of individuals going around the streets of NYC today, you’ll see that many of them are wearing Goldstar shoes. During the Maoist movement, they were widely accessible in Nepali markets, although they had a stronger taste.

Goldstar provides a wide range of items for men and women, young and elderly. They’ve received a lot of appreciation for the high-quality items they’ve been producing on a shoestring budget.

Their bags are usually simple but attractive and come in fading colors, including blue, black, and grey. Backpacks, side bags, tote bags, and other items are available. The name of their product is derived from a Newari term. Be sure to check the brand name and tag when buying from Nepali stores.

Nepali Store Near Me

Final Words:

Nepali stores are among the most famous stores in the USA that provide many groceries items, Nepali herbal teas, and some hot spices to make you feel alive.

In this post, we have guided you to the best nepali store near you in your city; we also talk about what products you can buy at a nepali store.

We hope you will find this article about a nepali store near me. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this post by leaving a comment below.


Q#1. What do the united states import from Nepal?

In 2019, the United States imported $12 million worth of agricultural goods from Nepal. Natural oils ($6.5 million), seasonings ($247 thousand), unhealthy snacks ($219 thousand), tea, especially botanical ($167 thousand), and feeding & fodders ($91 thousand) are the most popular categories.

Q#2. For Americans, why is Nepali food spicy?

Answer: The Nepali spices grown in one region of Nepal are now consumed in other parts of the nation because of modern transportation. Cinnamon, ginger, and Cuisine are largely pepper (timmur), fenugreek, saffron, cumin, basil, star anise, and green chilies are the most regularly used spices in Nepal. Some Americans found Nepali spices are more spicy than other countries’ spices.

Q#3. Which culinary item can only be found in Nepal?

Answer: Dido (grain or barley baked dough), potato curries, momo (dumplings), yak, goat, or sheep meat, milk, of some, lapping, or strong alcohol such as tonga (millet juice) are common foods in this region. This area also buys rice from neighboring places and occasionally eats daal-bhat-tarkari. So it is difficult to find in western countries, including the USA, but you can order these products online.

Q#4. How can I place an order from Nepal?

Answer: So, let’s look at how to order Nepali food in a step-by-step manner. From your browser, go to Amazon worldwide or you can choose an Indian website. Find the product you’re looking for. Copy the product URL from the browser’s address bar. Scroll down to discover the goods you’re looking for. Also, you can visit the nepali store near you to grab the nepali product directly without waiting too long.

Q#5. Which is the most selling Nepalese product in the united states?

Answer: Noodle, cookies, munchies, lipstick, toiletry soap, shampoo, and cigarettes are among the most often consumed FMCG items in rural areas of the United States. In a month, the United States eats Rs66 million dollars ’ worth of noodles and Rs4 million worth of cookies, according to store owners. Nepalese products are certain to be worthwhile purchases in the United States.

Q#6. Is it worthwhile to shop at nepali stores?

Answer: Everyone wants high-quality things they can rely on. Many of us, however, are hesitant to believe a product whose brand is Nepali. Most of us aren’t even aware of this prejudice, but it’s easy to spot if we examine our shopping patterns closely. Some Nepalese firms, on the other hand, have earned some respect with their high-quality items.

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