Pollo A La Brasa Near Me

If you’re looking for Pollo a la Brasa near me, look no further since this page will direct you to the right location. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Pollo a la Brasa. The “Pollo a la Brasa,” or Peruvian rotisserie chicken, has long been regarded as one of the country’s most characteristic dishes.

Local Peruvians eat it for lunch on a regular basis, while visitors are enamored with the flavorful spice foundation that gives the Pollo a la Brasa its distinct flavor. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to eat it again. The crunchy French fries and delicate Chicken were cooked in a revolving spit oven over coals or wood.

Here is some fascinating data: the typical Peruvian eats Pollo a la Brasa minimum of 37 times annually. That’s almost three times per month. For the sake of comparison, the natives consume this meal more frequently than Peruvian ceviche.

As a consequence, if you’re looking for Pollo a la Brasa near me, you’ve arrived at the correct place since this article will lead you in the proper direction. Simply look at the Pollo a la Brasa near me Map on this website. This map will help you find the closest Pollo a la Brasa.

What Is a Pollo a la Brasa, Exactly?

Pollo a la Brasa is a Peruvian grilled chicken seasoned with salt, peppers, Huacatay, Panca chilies, cinnamon, and other ingredients that differ by region. It’s a mainstay of Peruvian cuisine and is one of the highest-selling fast meals.

Pollo A La Brasa near Me
Pollo A La Brasa near Me

Pollo a la Brasa history:

The Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa is a relatively recent supper when compared to other classic Peruvian recipes like Aji de Gallina or Suspiro a La Limena. This traditional Peruvian dish may be traced back to 1950 in the Chaclacayo region.

This delightful treat was invented by Roger Schuler, a Swiss immigrant who lived in Chaclacayo and was well-versed in Peruvian cooking customs. One day, he decided to experiment with a few various ways of cooking ordinary chicken.

Over hot coals, he began by marinating the chicken with normal table salt. As a result, the chicken flesh was juicy and the skin was golden and crispy. He was so happy with the results that he hired Franz Ulrich, a Swiss national, to help him fine-tune the procedure.

To be specific, an engineer who was used to working with metal designed a unique oven with metal spits that could hold many birds and rotated on their own above the wood fire.

Pollo A La Brasa near Me
Pollo A La Brasa near Me

This ensures that all of the birds are cooked uniformly on a huge scale. “El Rotombo” was the name given to this particular oven. A marinate of juniper, salt, Huacatay, sauce, Aji Panca, as well as cumin has been added to the preparation for Pollo a la Brasa throughout the years.

If you need to find Pollo a la Brasa near me, you may check the map on this page. This map will assist you in getting to the area. If you’re looking for Pollo a la Brasa near me, this map will be helpful.

Pollo A La Barsa Health Benefits:

Anything that involves rotisserie chicken sounds delicious. However, have you tried Peruvian rotisserie chicken? This Peruvian favorite boasts a fragrant scent, fall-off-the-bone meat, and crispy skin, arguably the tastiest part if cooked properly.

It’s no surprise that this type of grilled Chicken is one of Peru’s most popular dishes. In fact, the average Peruvian purchases one rotisserie chicken three times each month. Peruvian Chicken is unique not just because of its wonderful taste. You may also eat it as a nutritious chicken meal.

Pollo A La Brasa near Me
Pollo A La Brasa near Me

Now, hold on a second: Take a look at some of the health advantages of Peruvian Chicken before you start looking for the “Pollo a la Brasa near me.” This flavorful Peruvian Chicken is the ultimate protein meal, as you’ll see as you continue through this page.


The nutritive benefits of Chicken vary with cut; below are the usual nutritional data for one piece (1/4 chicken).

Aside from that, it includes vitamins A, C, B12, serotonin, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as other necessary nutritional components and minerals. Selenium, potassium, and Niacin are also present in large concentrations.

Keep in mind that the biggest amount of calories and fat is found in chicken thighs. Let’s look at the nutritional components in more depth now that we’ve learned about them.

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A Good Source of Protein:

The high protein content of rotisserie chicken makes it a healthy option. Proteins are now Transmembrane proteins that serve as the body’s building components. Protein consumption is advised at 0.36 grams per unit of body weight. If you engage in physical activity, you will almost certainly require additional protein.

Protein consumption can also provide a sensation of satiety. It also aids in the development of muscle, resulting in leaner body weight. Rotisserie chicken is without a doubt one of the healthiest protein sources.

Pollo A La Brasa near Me
Pollo A La Brasa near Me

The protein content of 3 ounces of roasted chicken breast is around 24 grams. Pollo a la Brasa is a high-protein dish that will keep you satisfied for longer.

Nutrients in a Variety of Forms:

Aside from carbohydrates, Peruvian Chicken provides a variety of additional nutrients that are necessary for human health. Did you also know that 85 grams of roasted chicken flesh have 8.2 mg of Niacin in it?

Niacin has a daily recommended consumption of roughly 16 milligrams for males and 14 milligrams for women. What exactly is Niacin? One of the eight essential B vitamins is Niacin. It aids the body in a variety of activities, including:

  • Carbohydrate to glucose conversion,
  • Proteins and lipids are broken down.
  • Providing support for nervous system functions
  • Enzymes and hormones at work
  • Maintaining the health of the skin and digestive system

Riboflavin is another crucial B vitamin present in rotisserie chicken. It is required for the maintenance of healthy skin, the generation of red blood cells, and the conversion of proteins into energy.

Aside from that, it’s a good source of magnesium, which aids muscular function, blood sugar balance, and blood pressure control. In addition, a complete dinner of Peruvian Chicken has a lot of zinc, which would be beneficial to your immune system.

Pollo A La Brasa near Me
Pollo A La Brasa near Me

Another important nutrient present in Peruvian chicken is selenium. It is necessary for the body to stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. It scavenges free radicals and acts as an antioxidant.

Other Health Concerns: How Is It Prepared:

So, what distinguishes Peruvian Chicken from other dishes? The Chicken isn’t deep-fried, for starters. There are no harmful toppings that add calories to the meal. The roasting procedure also preserves nutritional qualities.

Next, this is a meal that may be used in a variety of ways. You can always add vegetables or whole grains to a salad to make it more nutritious. You may also remove the skin to lower total fat and calorie intake.

The golden-brown hue of the Chicken, as well as the deep and rich tastes, comes from the long cooking period over a low to medium flame. Add in some herbs, fennel seeds, and Peruvian pepper, and you’ve got the perfect taste combination.

When looking for the ‘best Peruvian chicken near me,’ keep in mind that it’s one of the tastiest and healthiest foods available. Peruvian Chicken is an excellent source of nutritious protein if you intend to consume something on a hectic workday.

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How will this Dish be served?

You may either order in or travel to your local “Polleria” to sample this delicious traditional Peruvian cuisine. Many people consider the french fries to be equally as vital as the Chicken in this meal.

Right out of the frying pan, they ought to be crispy & warm. The side salads are typically made up of sliced tomato, lettuce, plus sliced cucumbers with just a balsamic vinaigrette.

“Un Cuarto,” which translates to a quarter of a chicken, is the traditional dinner. You can get the chicken breasts or the hindquarters if you like a fattier cut of meat. “Pecho o pierna?” is a common phrase that means “breast or hindquarters.” If you’re really hungry, opt for the half chicken or even the whole Chicken.

If you’re having difficulties finding a Pollo a la Brasa near you, use the Pollo a la Brasa near me Map to find the one closest to you.

Everything depends on sauces:

A parade of various sauces to complement this Peruvian cuisine is not complete without a Pollo a la Brasa. The sauces are usually made using house mayonnaise, which is another oddity about Peru.

Eateries like to produce their own mayonnaise; therefore, different varieties can be found in different restaurants. There will be mayonnaise, a hot sauce with a mayo base named “Aji de Polleria,” Rocoto sauce (the spicy one), country salad, ketchup, or mustard among the sauces. Every one of these sauces is meant to go with the crispy French fries and the Chicken.

How Peru’s Most Popular Fast Food Became Pollo A La Brasa?

One of Peru’s most popular and well-known meals is Pollo a la Brasa. Around 1950, Roger Schuler, a Swiss man living in Peru, devised this Peruvian fast food. He was the owner of a bankrupt chicken farm near Lima.

To make ends meet and support his family, he began selling whole roasted chickens with the slogan “Eat as much chicken over fire as you want to for only five soles.” His excellent birds and low prices grew so popular that he had to speed up the cooking process.

He approached a Swiss friend, Franz Ulrich, who operated a metal mechanics company, to create a system that would allow him to roast many chickens at the same time.

The “Colombo” or “speido” oven, which has six metal rods and can contain eight newborn chicks, was designed. At extremely high temperatures, the metal rods spin clockwise and independently; this approach may cook 40 to 50 chickens at once in a consistent manner while preserving the juices and tastes.

Why Did A Simple Roasted Chicken Become So Popular?

The cooking procedure and marinades are the keys to the success of Pollo a la Brasa. Each polyuria has its unique recipe for the marinade. The actual cooking procedure, in addition to a wonderful marinade, is crucial to outstanding Pollo a la Brasa.

This method uses a rotisserie over wood flames to provide a wonderful Smokey taste to the Chicken. As per the traditional formula from La Granja Azul, the chicken must be sprinkled with salt and then roasted over carob bush firewood for the best tasting.

In 2004, the Peruvian National Institute of Culture classified Pollo a brasa as a “National Culinary Specialty.” Because Peru knows how to celebrate its food, Pollo a la Brasa gets its own National Holiday on the third Sunday of July.

Where to get Pollo a La Brasa near Me in Miami?

Chicken Brasa delivers rotisserie chicken from 41st Street to South Point and from Biscayne Bay to Ocean Drive. Chicken Brasa is the only name you need to know if you’re seeking the greatest delivery in Miami Beach or “Pollo a la Brasa near me.” They’ve got you covered, no matter what you desire or where you’re seeking it in Miami Beach.

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Chicken Brasa gives residents of Miami Beach the convenience of informal eating without sacrificing the Latin flavor that distinguishes our Dish. But our menu includes more than just our famous rotisserie chicken delivery.

They also provide the following services at Chicken Brasa:

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Why is the Peruvian recipe for Pollo a la Brasa so important?

We indicated earlier in this article that the National Institute of Culture of Peru designated the Pollo a la Brasa Recipe as part of Peru’s cultural heritage in 2004. But what does it imply that this cuisine is a Peruvian National Heritage? Let’s take a closer look at how a roasted chicken earned its distinction.

Let’s start with the fact that this meal is consumed by 27 million Peruvians on a regular basis. The Pollo a la Brasa Recipe has enormous cultural significance. Even if Peru peoples eat this meal regularly, it will win out over pizza, hamburgers, and even ceviche.

In the mid-twentieth century, the Dish began as an option available only to the upper crust. Later, the Pollo a la Brasa Recipe would be in the hands of an entire nation, and everyone would forego forks and knives in favor of eating it with their hands.

Combinations with a variety of salads and fries are also available! We may claim that Pollo a la Brasa brought the entire country together.

It’s fairly uncommon to discover many chicken restaurants in the same area when visiting Peru. If you’re in an area with a lot of businesses, you might be able to discover them all on the same street.

This is a trend that has spread to neighboring nations such as Colombia and Brazil. A Peruvian chicken is close by, and a Peruvian chicken is close to everyone’s pocket.

What makes the Pollo a la Brasa Recipe feasible in the first place?

The rotisserie chicken has gotten a lot of attention. Roger Schuler, a Swiss migrant, arrived in Peru in 1950 and resided in a little village called Santa Clara in the Ata District’s east.

He launched his own chicken-breeding operation. There, he witnessed his cook frying chicken in an iron rod that was rotating above a fire. This sparked an idea in Mr. Schuler’s head: “What if I can mass produce this notion?”

He dialed the number of a buddy who also occurred to be an engineer: Franz Ulrich. He instructed him to figure out a way to reproduce this procedure so that he could roast eight chickens at the same time in an equal manner.

Ulrich was able to design a custom oven to Schuler’s requirements, which was no simple undertaking. Ulrich created a magnificent piece of work that could roast all eight chickens equally using a synchronized arrangement of gears and rods driven by a unique motor.

This would also give it a very distinct flavor. The system mimicked the solar system, including the planets’ rotation and translation movements. Under the name “La Granja Azul,” a chicken-producing facility was established in Santa Clara, Peru. This was the very first chicken eatery. 

Later, a new restaurant known as “El Rancho” was opened. Franz Ulrich started working with other chicken businesses, assisting them in the construction of their own revolving ovens.

He also hired and educated new employees to operate in the oven manufacturing industry. The recipe for Pollo a la Brasa continued to spread. After that, the rest is history.

Nobody could have predicted that the Pollo a la Brasa preparation and cooking manner would become such a distinctive meal for the Peruvian country once it became popular. It was enjoyed by a conspicuously rich public during the early years of the Pollo a la Brasa boom.

Season after season, decade after decade, the Pollo a la Brasa Recipe grew in popularity to the point that it was a dish within everyone’s grasp.

The Dish was also deemed a component of Peru’s cultural heritage by the National Institute of Culture in 2004.

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Pollo a la Brasa near me

Final Words

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating Pollo a la Brasa near me. In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about Pollo a la Brasa, as well as the easiest method to discover Pollo a la Brasa near you.

Peruvian rotisserie chicken is a terrific source of nutrient-dense protein that will help you stay fueled and satisfied.

In Peru, Pollo a la Brasa is more than simply “chicken.” It is Peruvian ready meals that are now widely available and consumed. Pollo a la Brasa was originally intended for Peruvians with high socioeconomic standing.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that Peruvians of the medium and lower socioeconomic class joined in the consumption.

So, the next time you’re searching for the best Pollo a la Brasa near me, don’t forget to check for Peruvian Chicken. Are you looking for the Pollo a la Brasa near me? Then use the Map to find the best option in the area.


When was the first time professionals cooked Pollo a la Brasa?

Roger Schuler developed it for the first time at Chaclacayo in 1950.

Who invented Pollo a la Brasa in Peru?

Roger Schuler of Switzerland was the first to make it.

In Peru, what does pollo a la brasa cost?

Braised chicken, A quarter chicken with fries and a side salad cost between S/. 10 and S/. 14, depending on the restaurant’s location and sophistication (according to INEI data, a quarter Pollo a la Brasa in Lima costs between S/. 7.50 and S/. 14.50).

What is a braised chicken?

Pollo a la Brasa is a Peruvian rotisserie chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, Huacatay, Panca peppers, cumin, and other ingredients that differ by region. It’s a popular fast snack in Peru and a mainstay of Peruvian cuisine.

Is it tough to make Pollo al Brasa?

The actual procedure is straightforward; the tricky part is obtaining the appropriate over for this meal. However, with a little guidance, you can create Pollo a la Brasa at home.

Is it safe to eat rotisserie chickens?

Although rotisserie chickens are not fresh from the farm, they will not harm you. Just remember to follow the USDA’s instructions when buying fully cooked rotisserie or fast food chicken: make sure it’s hot when you buy it.

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