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Salata is a famous Afghan side dish in which cucumbers and tomatoes are chopped as equally as possible and tossed with fresh lemon juice before they are mixed with salt and mint, parsley, or cilantro. This dish is frequently served for lunch and dinner. For those who love Salata, always search “Salata Near Me” on all the web-based search engines.

Fortunately, we have found the best locations of Salata near you if you are a resident of the U.S. Here we have the answer to your query, “Salata Near Me.” The locations for different cities are mentioned below for your ease.

Salata Near Me
Salata Near Me

Salata Near Me – Texas

Here are the Salata locations near you in Texas.

College Station Salata Locations

Salata is located at the college station in 77840 at 1907 South Texas Avenue. The location is

  • 1907 South Texas Avenue

Other Salata locations near this point are:

  • Coppell SalataCypress Salata

Dallas Salata Locations

In case you are from Dallas, and you are wondering where I can find Salata near me, then here are some locations.

  • Salata is available at 75201 with the location 1700 Pacific Avenue
  • Salata is available at 75204 with the location 3000 Blackburn St
  • Salata is available at 75225 with the location 8307 Westchester Dr.
  • Salata is also available at 75254 with the location 4930 Belt Line Road.

Denton Salata Locations

If you live in Denton, then Salata locations near you are:

  • At 76201 on the 1200 West Hickory Street
  • At 76201 on the 1200 West Hickory Street
  • At Flower Mound Salata

Fort Worth Salata Locations

In case you are from Fort Worth, the following are some Salata locations near you.

  • Salata is available at 76102 at 520 Commerce Street
  • Salata is also available at 76109 at 2864 West Berry Street

Other Salata locations at this point are.

Houston Salata Locations

If you are from Houston, Texas, then there are about 14 locations for Salata that you can find.

  • Salata is available at 77007 at 185 Heights Boulevard
  • Salata is available at 77019-4927 at 1440 W Gray St
  • Salata is available at 77046 at 3651 Weslayan Street
  • Salata is available at 77070 at 130 Vintage Park Blvd
  • Salata is available at 77002 at 919 Milam # T-925
  • Salata is available at 77010 at 1200 Mckinney #339
  • Salata is available at 77058 at 1780 East Nasa Parkway
  • Salata is available at 77044 at 14237 East Sam Houston Parkway North
  • Salata is available at 77074 at 7457 US-59 High Occupancy Vehicle Lane
  • Salata is available at 77345 at 4523 Kingwood Drive
  • Salata is available at 77079 at 14515 Katy Fwy
  • Salata is available at 77042 at 10890 Westheimer Rd
  • Salata is available at 77048 at 4531 South Sam Houston Parkway East
  • Salata is available at 77074 at 7457 US-59 High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

Other locations for Salata are:

Pearland Salata Locations

If you are a resident of Pearland and you want an answer to find “Salata Near Me,” then here are two locations for you.

  • Salata is available at 77581 at 2570 Pearland Parkway
  • Salata is available at 77584 at 2810 Business Center Drive
Plano Salata Locations

The locations at the Plano for Salata are:

Salata Near Me in California

Here are a few Salata locations that you can find near your location if you are from California.

Los Angeles Salata Location

If you live in L.A, then you can find Salata at the following destinations:

Salata Locations in Oklahoma

In case you belong from Oklahoma, and you are fond of Salata, then you can find it easily near you. There are three spots at different locations from where you can have your cuisine easily. These locations are:

Each of the locations mentioned above is the answer to your query, “Salata Near Me.” You can take assistance through the map locations provided with it. This will allow you to reach your nearby spot instantly with the map without worrying anymore about where to find Salata near me.


This was a guide for those who are searching the web for “Salata Near Me.” We have provided a list of all the important locations where the customers can get access easily along with the area if they belong from there. We hope this guide for nearby Slata was informational and helpful in finding you the best Salata spot.

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Is Salata actually healthy?

Salata can be an extraordinary sound choice in case that you avoid specific garnishes and would return for lunch to keep it solid. The normal wrap or salad can run you $9-$10 bucks depending upon which proteins you get (chicken or shrimp).

Who is the owner of Salata?

Berge Simonian is the owner of Salata. Secretly held by author Berge Simonian and Tony Kyoumjian, Salata hasn’t expected to go to private value to underwrite its development. Salata has focused on six states: Texas, George, Florida, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Southern California.

What amount does a Salata franchise cost?

Salata charges an establishment expense of $30,000 for every area, and eminence expenses are 6% of net deals. Absolute startup costs for a franchisee, including development and lease, ordinarily run somewhere in the range of $270,00 and $470,000.

Is Salata spread across the country?

You can track down the serving of mixed greens kitchen areas in 42 urban communities in the U.S. across 4 states. It’s a great food chain service that has been multiplying its growth and serving customers nationwide over all these years.

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