Sisterlocks Near Me

Search no further if you’re browsing for sisterlocks near me since this article will point you on the appropriate path. Continue reading if you want to learn more about sisterlocks near me.

We can all agree that there are a plethora of hairstyles that look great with natural hair. While twist-outs and knotless box braids are popular, many naturals are selecting long-term protective styles these days. It’s now or never, Sisterlocks!

Sisterlocks are a flexible spin-off from classic dreadlocks that allows you to experiment with different styles and hair colors. It’s no wonder, therefore, that fans of natural hair can’t get enough of it. Curious? Follow along as we go into sisterlocks in detail, covering numerous sisterlocks hairstyles and the techniques required in the installation process.

Sisterlocks: What Are They?

Sisterlocks are a flexible natural hairstyle made out of little dreadlocks, as we said earlier. Sisterlocks are formed with a unique tool that develops the locks from the ends of the hair to the root, rather than twisting or rolling. This method does not necessitate the use of hair styling agents such as oils, waxes, or gels.

Sisterlocks History:

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell invented and trademarked Sisterlocks in 1993. Cornwell’s purpose is stated on the Sisterlocks official website in her own words: Sisterlocks isn’t about having a certain hairdo. It’s about a way of life.

Sisterlocks is a natural hair care technique that is self-affirming and wonderfully stunning for women who are interested in self-empowerment and cultural self-expression. Nearly 30 years later, Black women all around the world are following in Dr. Cornwell’s footsteps.

There are a few things to bear in mind before you start your Sisterlock adventure. One of the most important aspects of your study is to discover a qualified Sisterlock consultant who has received professional training in the Sisterlock procedure.

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

What Is The Distinction Between Dreadlocks And Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are created without the need for any styling products by using an interlocking instrument that forms little locks. We also like how this style starts at the ends of your hair, which helps to reduce stress at the roots.

Dreadlocks, on the other hand, are a hairstyle that may be created using a number of techniques such as braiding, coiling, twisting, or palm-rolling. Sisterlocks are thicker than dreadlocks and form at the root of your hair.

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

While dreadlocks may be styled in a multitude of ways, sisterlocks hairstyles are more adaptable, making the trend a more popular choice for many.

If you’re looking for sisterlocks near me, you’ve arrived at the correct place since this article will point you in the appropriate direction. Simply look at the sisterlocks near me Map on this post. If you’re looking for sisterlocks near me, this Map might help.

How Do Sisterlocks Get Set Up?

Sisterlocks are a little more difficult to put in than typical dreadlocks. In reality, you’ll need to complete three processes over the course of a few days to get a beautiful pair of sisterlocks.


First and foremost, you must consult with a sisterlocks specialist. You will be able to share any questions or concerns you may have during this appointment. When you’re happy, the stylist will put five to ten sisterlocks in your hair. This will assist you in deciding which sisterlocks design is ideal for your hair structure.

Session of Sisterlocks:

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

Your entire installation will commence once your sisterlocks professional evaluates your hair and determines the appropriate locking pattern for you.

It can take anywhere from 15 to 24 hours to finish, depending on the length of your hair when you start, the size of your head, and the density of your hair. It may not be ideal for sitting on a chair for so long, but the effects will be well worth it.

Schedule A Follow-Up Visit:

It’s critical to arrange a follow-up consultation now that you have a stunning pair of sisterlocks. The professional will review their work and make any necessary revisions during this visit.

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

The expert will also provide you with self-grooming advice to help you maintain your style. As your locks develop, you’ll need to schedule an appointment every four to six weeks to have them retightened.

If you need to discover sisterlocks near me, you may utilize the Map on this page. This Map will assist you in getting to the area and locating the nearest sisterlocks locations.

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Is It Possible To Reverse Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks, like any other natural hairdo, may be undone. Typically, the style may be properly erased within the first six months. However, it might be time-consuming to uninstall beyond that initial period. Before you begin the procedure, you must first decide if this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

Is Sisterlocks Expensive?

When it comes to the price of sisterlocks, it varies depending on where you live. Sisterlocks typically range in price from $450 to 2,500 dollars. Keep in mind that the cost of this haircut should not be the deciding decision.

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

It’s critical to get expert help to guarantee that you achieve the outcomes you want. So if you’re seeking sisterlocks near me, the Map provided in this post will be helpful.

Try These Sisterlocks Hairstyles:

Are you ready to give your sisterlocks some personality? Here are nine of the greatest sisterlocks styles to help you step up your natural hair game.

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High Bun Sisterlock:

Do you have a thing for traditional updos? Make a beautiful high bun with your sisterlocks. You can bank on this style to take you from day to night since it is a super-chic way to keep your hair out of your face.

 Simply gather your sisterlocks in the center of your head and draw them back into a ponytail to style. Wrap the length around the base and bobby pin it in place. For further control, big hair elastic might be used.

Sisterlock Ponytail Half-Up:

Do you want to experiment with fashionable accessories? We think the sisterlocks ponytail and headscarf combination will appeal to you. This style is what you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to add stylish details to your ‘dos.

Gather your sisterlocks in the middle of your head and bind them with a hairband to get the appearance. Next, tie a headscarf over the back of your head slightly above your ponytail in a knot.

Bob Sisterlock:

A bob slay never goes out of style, and the sisterlocks bob elevates the trend even further. This design is what you need to sport a short, edgy appearance, and it’s a good chance of pace from typical bobs and braided bob choices.

Low Bun Sisterlock:

Do you prefer well-polished and clean-cut sisterlocks styles? Take a look at the stylish sisterlocks low bun. This simple and functional style is ideal for keeping your hair out of your face without making a fuss.

Not to mention, it’s a fantastic alternative for hot days. Keep it simple by forming a ponytail with your sisterlocks at the nape of your neck. To make a bun, roll the length around the base. To get the ideal finish, use bobby pins to tuck in loose sisterlocks.

Sisterlocks near Me
Sisterlocks near Me

Sisterlocks Space Buns: Half-Up Sisterlocks:

Adding more than one bun to the mix is the best way to increase the ante on the bun style. Half-up sisterlocks space buns enhance your features while displaying your lovely texture. You won’t be able to stop fawning since this is a failsafe approach to bringing a new and lively mood to your style.

Sisterlocks with Curls:

If curls are your strong suit, you may create stunning spirals with your sisterlocks. Curly sisterlocks are a wonderful alternative for adding movement and volume to your appearance and are an excellent choice for people who want to rev up their texture. You’ll have to rely on foam rollers instead of a curling iron to get the job done.

Side-Swept Sisterlocks:

Is side-swept hair appealing to you? If that’s the case, you’ll want to learn about side-swept sisterlocks. This hairstyle keeps your locks tastefully tucked away on one side of your head to frame your face, and it’s another terrific style that puts your lovely features on full display.

Top Knot Sisterlocks:

The top knot will save the day on days when you’re short on time and can’t style your sisterlocks. You don’t have to worry about the style appearing like a last-minute choice because it’s a quick and easy method to brighten up your hair. If you’re having problems finding sisterlocks near me, use the sisterlocks near me Map to find one.

Pros and Cons of Sisterlocks near me:

Following are some of the pros and cons of Sisterlock:



Sisterlocks are the most adaptable natural hairdo. They can be twisted into almost any style you can think of since they are so little.


All you have to do now is wash your hair and depart, except for retightening your locs.

There are fewer goods required:

A lot of products irritate Sisterlocks. When they’re clean and free of product, they look and act their best. This eliminates the need for a plethora of stylers, serums, and other products.



You’ll have paid roughly $1,000 on the first installation and maintenance sessions within the first year of having Sisterlocks. A consultation charge with a qualified sisterlocks specialist may also be included in the cost of sisterlocks.

Thin appearance:

It’s possible that your locs will start out thin, which can be challenging for some.

They need patience:

It will take time for your hair to grow longer, which might be irritating for some. Your locs will grow long and beautiful with devotion and regular upkeep.

Sisterlock Care:

There’s no disputing that sisterlocks are an expensive investment, so you’ll want to keep them in good shape. Three simple sisterlocks tips are shown below.

Regularly Washing and Conditioning:

Just because you’re dealing with sisterlocks doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a good hair regimen. Showering your locks with TLC is the only way to ensure that your style lasts a long time.

Use a nourishing hair care system such as L’Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. This sulfate-free system nourishes and softens hair, giving it a lustrous sheen.

Air Dry Your Sisterlocks:

Air-drying your sisterlocks is always a good idea. After all, blow-drying and using too much heat on your hair might harm it. To keep your style maintained, keep your hair away from heat.

Include A Nourishing Hair Serum In The Mixture:

Have you noticed that your sisterlocks have become drier in appearance and feel? If this is the case, a simple cure is to apply a few drops of hair serum like L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment to your hair. In just one application, this lightweight product helps to moisturize and nourish damaged hair.

Find a Sisterlocks Consultant who is certified:

Finding a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant to install and maintain your locks is highly advised. Go to the Sisterlocks near me map provided in this post to find a consultant in your region. The list of certified consultants and their contact information will then appear.

Before proceeding with an installation, we recommend arranging an in-person consultation.

Sisterlocks cost, care, what to do as your locks mature, hair products, and how they differ from conventional locks, loose natural hair, permed hair, relaxed hair, and other typical natural hairstyles will all be covered in detail by the consultant.

Sisterlocks near Me

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating sisterlocks near me. In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about sisterlocks, as well as the easiest method to discover one near you.

The sisterlocks hairstyle is a modern twist on the classic dreadlocks look. Sisterlocks are an extremely adorable permanent hairdo that is smaller than other dreadlocks.

During your appointment, your sisterlocks consultant will solicit your feedback so that they can build a look that you’ll appreciate as you begin your Sisterlock adventure.

This post should offer you some ideas on how to get started with sisterlocks and how to style them! Are you on the lookout for sisterlocks near me? Then use the Map to find the best option in the area.


Is it easy for sisterlocks to break?

Whether you have Sisterlocks, conventional locs, or loose hair, if your hair is not properly cared for, it will break. Sisterlocks don’t use any chemicals or abrasion to harm your scalp or strands, making it excellent for thin hair.” A micro-sized loc isn’t bound to fail on its own.

When it comes to sisterlocks, what are the different stages?

Everything you need to know about the four stages of loss: starting locs, baby loss, adolescent locks, and adult locs.

What’s the Right Number of Sisterlocks for Me?

The number of locs you have depends on your hair density, the size you want your locks to be, and the size of your head. Sisterlocks can range in number from 400 to over 800, depending on the woman.

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