Smoking Hotels Near Me

It’s beginning to feel like the only place to smoke is 100 feet away from a habitable structure, next to an enormous trash that hasn’t been treated since the Reagan administration. When you’re travelling, this is an issue since you never know when you’ll need to locate a safe area to light up, Including the days of being able to start smoking anywhere are long gone.

If you searching for smoking hotel near me, there are few spaces available.  Use the map provided below to find the best hotels which have a smoking room nearby your location.

Smoking Hotels Near Me Map:

How To Find Smoking Hotels Near Me?

Smoking rooms appear to be available at a few hotel chains near you. Whether you have accessibility to the web, you could always run a search. In your browser, type ” smoking hotels near me and press enter. or simply check our Smoking Hotels Near Me Map provided above.

Smoking Hotels Near Me
Smoking Hotels Near Me

You can discover a list of nearby hotels that permit smoking. Alternatively, you might use online hotel reservation services. These websites need you to click on the hotel and carefully examine the facts to discover if they provide smoking rooms.

Try searching the map provided in this post for a more convenient search. The map will show you a list of hotels around you that provide smoking rooms. All of the hotels on their list are smoke-free.

After you’ve made a list of the hotels around you that offer smoking rooms, give them a call to confirm their availability. If you still want to compare hotels before making a reservation, it’s a good idea to inquire how many smoking rooms the hotel has and how many are available.

Once you’ve located the best hotels around you with smoking rooms, make a reservation and confirm that you require one. Because hotels normally have a limited number of smoking rooms, you should arrive early to acquire the greatest view from your smoking room.

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What Does a Smoker-Friendly Hotel Mean?

Most hotels have recently adopted a no-smoking policy. According to a poll done by the American Hotel & Lodging Association in 2012, 63 percent of 52,000 hotels are now smoke-free. There is, however, a hotel that is designated as a smoker-friendly hotel. It’s a no-smoking hotel with no non-smoking rooms. It allows visitors to smoke in at least a couple of the rooms available.

Why Should Hotels Provide Smoking Rooms?

Due to the fact that several hotels prohibit smoking, smoking is practiced by 42 million individuals in the United States. So, where should smokers on the road go to get their fix? Guests at the hotel are well-informed. They are permitted to smoke even if they are in a non-smoking room. Cologne and candles can mask smoke, however, blowing smoke out the windows will not trigger the smoke alarm.

It will, however, make the room smell, and other visitors will not want to stay in that room. It results in a negative review for the property. As a result, hotels that are smoke-free are required. They should provide smoking rooms, where smokers may relax and enjoy their time.

Limiting the number of hotels to consider:

If you’re reserving a hotel online, look for a room that offers the option of smoking or non-smoking. There is no method to filter this in any of the big online hotel booking companies, so you’ll have to check with each hotel individually to see whether that option is available. For Expedia, this entails visiting each hotel room and checking the “More information” section to determine if smoking is even an option.

This can take a long time, especially if there are only a few hotels in your city that have smoking rooms. It is recommended that you employ a service that works to list just the hotels that give smoking rooms to assist you narrow down your search for smoking hotels near me.

What you should really anticipate from your options?

The availability of smoking rooms varies depending on your trip. At Las Vegas, it’s tough to avoid staying in a hotel with smoking rooms. A few can be located in more family-friendly locations.

Smoking rooms are generally only available in the cheapest and lowest-class hotels. Look for two-star hotels, such as Motel 6 and similar establishments. Balconies or patios are normally reserved for the most opulent establishments. In the mid-range market, you’ll have limited selections.

Good luck in your hunt for smoke-free hotels; there aren’t many possibilities for those who prefer smoking, but there are still some!

Final Words

You do not have to be kept out in the cold since you smoke. The map above shows hundreds of hotels where smoking is permitted in rooms or where you have access to a balcony or patio when you search for the finest smoking hotels near me. By following the map provided in this post you can find a list of all the closest hotels that allow you to reserve a smoking room by searching for your city.


Is it still possible to book a smoking room in a hotel?

Some hotels still provide smoking rooms. Although most of them are low-cost or budget brands, certain midscale and relatively high hotels do allow cigarettes in certain rooms.

How can I find out whether a hotel has smoking areas?

Smoking rooms are clearly identified in hotel descriptions. Only hotels with smoking rooms will be listed when you use the search map above.

How can I book a hotel smoking room?

All of the hotels in these search results have smoking rooms. Simply ensure you wouldn’t book a hotel that is designated as non-smoking or smoke-free. Submit a request for a smoking section in the Additional Requests field on the checkout page if the pricing does not indicate it.

In a non-smoking hotel room, am I allowed to smoke?

There will be consequences. Many hotels may fine you up to $250 if you smoke inside a non-smoking hotel.

Where can I locate hotels in my area that offer smoking rooms?

Simply click the smoking hotel near me map when using the search form above to locate hotels near you that offer smoking rooms. Then specify that you require a smoking room in the Special Instructions box.

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