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If you’re browsing for twice the Ice near me, search no further since this article will point you on the appropriate path. Continue reading if you want to learn more about twice the Ice.

Twice the Ice has built itself a strong position in the drive-up, self-service ice vending market as the first ice vending machine, and it continues to lead the industry with patented technology and new methodologies.

Over 90% of all ice sold in the $4 billion ice industry in the United States is projected to come from the 2,800 Twice the Ice locations. The way ice is created and sold on-site has been revolutionized by Twice the Ice and independent proprietors.

Twice the Ice and independent owners are made in America and supported by a local distribution network.

In the eyes of customers, the phrase “Twice the Ice” has established Ice as the greatest value and finest product. Customers appreciate not just the convenience and savings that Twice the Ice machines provide but also the exceptional quality of the items.

They don’t have to make do with filthy hard Ice any longer. They may now have clean chewable Ice at an affordable price.

Water vending is accessible on Twice the Ice machines, which adds value for both owners and customers. Reverse osmosis water vending may be easily added to our machines as an increasing number of consumers drink filtered water.

Customers just provide their own 1, 3, or 5-gallon containers, which saves money while also eliminating the possibility of contamination from tap and bottled water.

Twice the Ice is the industry leader in Ice and water vending, with a better business approach and brand. Texas Ice Express, your local distributor, is ready to help independent entrepreneurs start and develop in the burgeoning Ice and water vending sector.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a twice the Ice near me, you’ve arrived at the correct place since this article will point you in the appropriate direction. Simply look at the twice the Ice near me Map on this website. If you’re looking for a twice the Ice near me, this map might help.

What exactly is Twice the Ice?

Twice the Ice is a touch less Ice and water vending machine that makes Ice and water on-site and delivers it to consumers on demand. The system goes through an Overall health Water Purification procedure to ensure the greatest quality of water.

The entire procedure, according to Hoover, is carried out through the on-site equipment. Micron filtration removes dirt, rust, and other solids; activated carbon filtration removes chlorine, organic chemicals, and odors; ion exchange softens the water by removing minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron; and reverse osmosis purifies the water to 99.99 percent by having removed salts as well as other contaminants.

The machine is simple to use, dispensing a 10lb bag of Ice for $1.50 or a 20lb bag for $2.50. “The filtered water comes in three sizes: one gallon, three gallons, and five gallons,” Hoover explained. “To fill your jug with water, you must bring your own jug.”

Twice the Ice is well-lit at night and is open 24 hours a day. If you need to discover a twice the Ice near me, you may utilize the map on our page. This map will assist you in getting to the area.

Twice the Ice near Me
Twice the Ice near Me

Restaurants Can Benefit From Using Twice the Ice:

Restaurants may require hundreds of pounds of Ice every day, depending on the number of customers and the types of food and drinks they provide. Ice demand can often surpass ice machine production, especially as the weather warms.

In other cases, the restaurant may be unable to acquire a professional ice machine due to a lack of space or cash. It’s also conceivable that the existing ice machine will stop working. In such circumstances, Twice the Ice can help.

Using Twice the Ice for your company provides a number of benefits. A few instances are shown below:

Extra Ice:

The amount of Ice an ice machine can make is determined by its size and capacity. Commercial ice producers may create hundreds of pounds of Ice, but they are also enormous, expensive, and energy-intensive equipment.

In most circumstances, your restaurant may not utilize enough Ice to justify such expenditure. On really hot or busy days, however, your ice machine may not be able to keep up with demand. It’s advantageous to have a supply of more Ice in this situation.

Ice vending machines twice the size create clean, transparent Ice on the spot. Fill a bag, a cooler, or another container with Ice and carry it back to your business to augment your ice supply.

No break-downs:

Ice machines, like any other piece of machinery, will eventually fail. Weather extremes, as well as a lack of cleaning, might cause the ice machine to break down. The ice makers might overheat and shut off if the kitchen temperature rises beyond 95 degrees.

Twice the Ice near Me
Twice the Ice near Me

Regrettably, this is usually when the demand for ice peaks. The Twice the Ice vending machines are designed to resist extreme weather conditions and will continue to manufacture Ice even when the temperature rises.

You won’t have to worry about breakdowns during peak periods, and you’ll always have ice on hand.

No Maintenance Requirements:

Maintaining your ice machine is a vital aspect of maintaining it in good operating order. Cleaning and sanitizing the machine, removing scale and buildup, changing the filter, and emptying the ice bin are all critical procedures in keeping the unit in good working order.

In order to avoid mold and germs from contaminating the Ice, proper care is also required. Mold may form in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies as moisture builds upon the interior of the machine, making consumers ill as they drink the Ice.

Twice the Ice near Me
Twice the Ice near Me

The vending machine owners meticulously clean and maintain the Ice machines twice. Twice the Ice machines generate clean Ice with each vend thanks to a meticulous washing and sanitation process.

Restaurants can enjoy clean, refreshing Ice without having to worry about time-consuming upkeep.

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An Affordable Option:

Ice from a convenience shop may rapidly add up. The cost of convenience store ice is driven up by additional expenditures such as transportation, storage, and profit margins, which can cut into restaurant earnings when the need for more Ice arises.

Twice the Ice vending machines provide considerable savings by producing Ice at a quarter of the cost.

Quick And Easy To Manage:

When it comes to ice purchases, keeping track of paper receipts, staff expense reports, and credit card line items may rapidly become a nightmare. In the ICE2U app, Twice the Ice makes it simple to manage your sales.

From the app, you can view all purchases, create customized accounts for workers, monitor awards, and more. You can simply keep track of your purchases for tax purposes as well.


Twice the Ice makes it simple to locate the nearest ice supply. Use the ICE2U app’s map to locate the nearest vending machine, check that it’s operational, and even make purchases directly from the app.

Receive Rewards:

Twice the Ice already creates inexpensive Ice, but rewards make it much more economical. You will receive one free bag of Ice if you purchase ten bags of Ice. In the app, you can keep track of your awards and take advantage of free vends.

This allows you to save even more money by purchasing as much Ice as you require. So If you’re seeking a twice the Ice near me, the map provided in this post will be helpful.

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The Benefits of Twice the Ice for Food Trucks:

The number of food trucks on the road is rapidly increasing. Over the next year, the food truck sector is predicted to increase by roughly 5%, bringing a diverse range of imaginative and delicious meals across the country.

As more aspiring restaurateurs start own food trucks, finding strategies to save money while increasing revenue might give them a competitive advantage. Twice the Ice offers food truck operators a variety of advantages that might help them save money and operate more effectively.

The Ice Is Cheaper Twice:

Twice the Ice is a cost-effective alternative to bagged Ice from the convenience shop. If you fill your coolers with bagged Ice from grocery shops or convenience stores on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen how much it costs.

Twice the Ice vending machines provide you with twice the amount of Ice for around half the price.

Rewards That Add Up:

With each ice purchase made using the ICE2U app, you will earn incentives. You may buy Ice and water from any vending machine, and after 10 transactions, you’ll get a free bag of Ice.

The Ice is also clean, fresh, and sweet, thanks to ultraviolet light scrubbing, micron filtering, ion exchange, and other purification methods.

No Ice Blocks:

How many times have you bought bagged Ice from a convenience store only to discover a rough chunk of Ice in the middle?

As the sun moves and the temperature changes during the day, the bagged ice thaws and refreezes, forming awkward blocks. Your Ice is always in lovely, tidy cubes because Twice the Ice machines create Ice throughout the day.


No matter where your food truck goes, you’ll need a reliable source of Ice. With the ICE2U app, you can see a comprehensive map of Ice vending machines in your neighborhood and quickly locate the nearest one.


When your food truck is busiest, do you constantly seem to run out of Ice? Is it true that every other client in line at the convenience shop to acquire additional Ice is also waiting? Twice the Ice allows you to skip the wait, which is especially useful for food trucks during peak hours.

These vending machines just sell Ice, so you won’t have to wait in enormous lines with hundreds of other things. You may quickly make your purchase and go back on your way.

Vending Without Cash:

Do you have any reservations about providing staff cash to buy Ice? Is it aggravating to keep track of excess change and receipts?

You and your workers may make cashless purchases straight from the app when you utilize the ICE2U app, eliminating the need to disburse cash or interrupt the till.

Easily Manage Receipts:

You’ll get access to electronic receipts and expenditure data when you make purchases through the ICE2U app.

It’s possible to observe who bought Ice, how much they paid, and whose vending machine they used. You may also look at more detailed expenditure information, such as how much Ice you’ve bought during the year, and obtain receipts for tax purposes.

How is the Ice purchased from Twice the Ice near me?

Just as with other vending machines, a person enters the purchase amount from the front customer panel in any mix of dollars, quarters, nickels, or dimes.

The buyer then pushes one of two buttons to choose between 16-pound bags or 20-pounds of bulk Ice dropped straight into their cooler for the same fee.

When a 16-pound bag is selected, the ice bag glides out to the left of the customer panel fewer than 10 seconds after pushing the button. If the customer chooses 20 pounds of bulk Ice, they just pull the chute lever on the far left to pour the Ice down the bulk chute.

Is it safe to drink the ice and water from Twice the Ice?

The water comes from a trustworthy source. It is then further processed utilizing filtration technologies to provide a high level of purity.

Water vending machines in Ice Houses provide water that has been treated with a ultra-violet system to kill any leftover microorganisms. The Ice, or perhaps the entire bag, is never touched by human hands until the customer picks it up.

Food-grade stainless steel is used for all parts that come into touch with the ice. To ensure safe and clean manufacturing, the complete system is maintained, cleaned, and inspected on a regular basis. The systems are examined by the Texas Department of Health as well as local government agencies.

The safety of ice and water should be a concern for consumers. Water that hasn’t been properly treated might contain harmful bacteria.

When Ice is not properly created and managed, germs might still be present. Regular cleaning, inspections, and maintenance, as well as the reduction of human touch, help to mitigate these risks in ice houses.

If you’re having problems finding a twice the Ice near me, use Twice the ice near me map to find one.

Is It Harmful to Eat Ice from Twice the Ice?

There’s nothing like a mouthful of shaved Ice on a hot summer day to cool down. The malty ice crystals at the bottom of your glass can help you relax while also satisfying your thirst. Sucking on ice cubes can also help with dry mouth when you’re ill without making you feel nauseated.

Ice cravings might indicate a nutrient shortage or an eating issue. It may even have a negative impact on your quality of life. Chewing Ice can potentially cause dental issues, including enamel erosion and tooth disease.

Anemia due to a lack of iron:

Ice eating is frequently linked to iron deficiency anemia, which is a prevalent kind of anemia.

Anemia is a disorder in which your blood lacks sufficient healthy red blood cells to maintain your health. The red blood cells in your body are in charge of carrying oxygen throughout your tissues. You can feel fatigued and out of breath if you don’t get enough oxygen.

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by a lack of iron in the blood. Iron is required for the formation of healthy red blood cells.

Chewing Ice, according to some experts, causes an impact in persons with iron deficiency anemia that causes more blood to flow to the brain. There is more blood in the brain, which implies there is more oxygen in the brain. Because the brain is accustomed to being deprived of oxygen, a rise in oxygen levels may result in improved alertness and clarity of thought.


Pica is an eating disorder in which patients eat nonfood things such as Ice, mud, paper, ash, or dirt excessively. Pica is a kind of pagophagia. It entails consuming Ice, snow, or ice water on a regular basis.

Pica sufferers aren’t forced to consume Ice due to a medical condition like anemia. Rather, it’s a mental illness. Pica is frequently associated with other mental disorders and intellectual limitations. It can also happen while you’re pregnant.

Ice chewing is a habit that can lead to a range of problems. It may also cause problems at school, at the job, or at home.

A simple blood test may assist you in determining the source of your cravings and initiating therapy.

Twice the Ice near Me

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it when it comes to locating a twice the Ice near me. In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about twice the Ice, as well as the easiest method to discover one near you.

Twice the Ice’s vented Ice has several advantages. If your restaurant’s industrial ice machine has broken down, isn’t generating enough Ice, or you don’t have enough room for an ice maker, Twice the Ice can help.

These Twice the Ice advantages for food trucks may appear insignificant at first, but they build up rapidly in terms of time and money savings. To make use of the rewards and mapping features, download the free ICE2U app.

You may also provide workers access to cashless transactions, rewards, and more when you join up for a Teams account. Are you on the lookout for a twice the Ice near me? Then use the Map to find the best option in the area.


In the United States, how many areas with double the Ice are there?

Over 90% of all vended Ice in the $4 billion ice market in the United States is expected to be purchased from 2,800 Twice the Ice shops. The way ice is created and sold on-site has been revolutionized by Twice the Ice and independent proprietors. Twice the Ice and independent owners are made in America and supported by a local distribution network.

Is selling ice a viable business?

One or more ice vending machines is one of the most profitable enterprises to pursue. Employees and operational expenditures are two important aspects of every business. First, an ice vending firm may be managed without workers since the owner can do all necessary upkeep.

How much does an ice machine cost to run?

Ice makers: Ice makers consume roughly 350-kilowatt hours each month, which would cost around $21 per month at a normal rate of $0.06 per kWh.

How much does an ice machine cost?

A typical commercial ice machine with a bin capacity of 50 to 80 pounds costs around $1,500. A bigger model with additional features, capacity, and storage might cost more than $5,000. Water-cooled ice machines are typically a few hundred dollars more expensive than air-cooled units.

Is it less expensive to buy Ice or to produce it yourself?

When it comes to buying vs. manufacturing ice, buying high-quality Ice from your preferred merchant comes out on top. On the surface, DIY ice manufacturing appears to be economical and user-friendly, but it falls short in terms of quality, flavor, and scalability.

How much does Twice the Ice cost?

Ice House America and Twice the Ice have four different versions with different footprints, production, and storage capacities. Our models range in price from $50,000 to more than $125,000. Prices are subject to change based on optional equipment upgrades and installation fees.

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